What If Episode 9’s Credits Scene Explained: Captain Carter’s Endgame Ending

What If Episode 9’s Credits Scene Explained: Captain Carter’s Endgame Ending

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Marvel’s What if …? episode 9.

Marvel’s What If …? season 1 has actually pertained to an end, and the season ending ends with a curious post-credits scene that twists Captain America’s Avengers: Endgame ending for Captain Carter. The animated MCU has actually been mainly made up of separated one-off stories embeded in various truths of the Marvel multiverse, however episode 9 joins a group of characters from throughout the season to fight Ultron as the Guardians of the Multiverse. The group consists of What If …?’s Star-Lord T’Challa, Killmonger, Gamora, Party Thor, Strange Supreme, and obviously, Captain Carter.

The character of Captain Carter is presented in What If …? episode 1, which reveals a universe where Peggy Carter, not Steve Rogers, got the initial very soldier serum. Because timeline, Steve wears an Iron Man-style mech fit called the Hydra Stomper to assist Peggy fight bad men. Much like in the initial Captain America film, Captain Carter winds up getting taken out of her time after beating Hydra and moved to today day, where she signs up with SHIELD and continues her brave efforts all over the world.

After assisting the Watcher defeat Ultron as part of the Guardians of the Multiverse, Captain Carter asks if she can return to her initial period and be with Steve. The Watcher rejects her demand. Rather, he puts her right back where she began the What If …? season 1 ending– on the ship from the start of Captain America: The Winter Soldier After taking down the terrorists on board with Black Widow, Peggy finds that Steve may in fact be alive.

Clearly, the Watcher isn’t above breaking his oath of noninterference in the best scenario. He steps in to beat Infinity Stone Ultron, and he puts Black Widow in a various truth from the one she originated from merely to make her delighted. When Peggy asks to go back in time, like how Steve does at the end of Avengers: Endgame, the Watcher states no. He mentions his factor quite plainly– Captain Carter’s contemporary universe still requires her, and it would likely remain in huge problem if she were to leave. Sending her back to the 1940 s would be too huge of a modification. By contrast, in Endgame, Captain America has actually reached completion of his starring function in his timeline. He’s offered all he can, and his time as a hero is over, so it does not have any significant implications for him to leave. Plus, the Avengers’ time travel became part of their core truth, not a divergence from it, whereas a modification enacted by the Watcher would have been a significant Nexus occasion.

Though the Watcher decides not to send out Captain Carter back to World War II, he undoubtedly understood what awaited her back in her contemporary timeline– a suggested reconnection with Steve. Natasha reveals Peggy that the terrorists on the ship wanted an especially durable piece of freight– a metal cage holding the initial Hydra Stomper fit, which, according to Black Widow, still has somebody within. The clear ramification is that Steve is in some way alive and active, enabling Captain Carter to have a various king of Avengers: Endgame ending by reuniting with her love in today day. The What If …? episode 9 ending likewise indicates darker twist– that in Captain Carter’s universe, Steve ended up being the Winter Soldier.

While What If …? episode 9 might not validate that Steve is the Winter Soldier, it’s greatly indicated. The scenario mirrors the 2nd Captain America motion picture, which was everything about the years of torture and manage gone to on Bucky Barnes when he was the Winter Soldier. It appears not likely that Steve and the Hydra Stomper would have still been active without SHIELD learning about it unless he was being controlled by some darker, more covert faction. And given that Hydra is most likely still active in Captain Carter’s timeline, simply as they remained in the MCU’s Sacred Timeline, they might quickly behind Steve’s return.

What a Steve Rogers Winter Soldier would appear like, nevertheless, is a little less clear. Considering That the Hydra Stomper is still being utilized, it’s not likely that Steve was customized with Hydra’s very soldier serum in the exact same method that Bucky was. An effective change would have made the Hydra Stomper unimportant and much better matched to a less superpowered operative. If Steve wasn’t customized with extremely soldier serum, why would he have been kept around at all? In theory, any person might discover to pilot the Hydra Stomper, and if it fell under the incorrect hands, it definitely would have been simpler to teach somebody on the side of wicked to utilize it than to attempt to push Steve. There are a great deal of unusual secrets connected to Steve’s evident What If …? return, and they may be resolved in What If …? season 2.

An excellent part of Marvel’s What If …? season 2 will include completely brand-new truths and versions of characters, consisting of some from MCU Phase 4. There are likewise strong tips by the ending of What If …? season 1 that a few of its characters might be reviewed. The most apparent one to go back to is Captain Carter, especially due to the fact that of the setup in the post-credits scene of What If …? episode 9. Will the program’s next season actually expose the reality about Steve Roger’s suggested Winter Soldier change, or is it simply a tease?

Captain Carter has been among the most popular characters in What If …? season 1, so it would make a great deal of sense to review her in season 2. Given that she now understands that Hydra makes it through World War II thanks to her multiverse experience with Black Widow, she might hypothetically stop the awful occasions of Captain America: The Winter Soldier from ever even occurring in her own universe. That in itself is a fascinating story, and it would be much more engaging with a Winter Soldier story including Steve Rogers. Is he actually alive? Did he get the extremely soldier serum? Or is somebody else utilizing the Hydra Stomper? Ideally, Marvel’s What If …? season 2 will offer some responses.