These Lowe’s Black Friday Deals Can Help You Stock Up On Any Home Appliance Gifts You May Have On Your List

These Lowe’s Black Friday Deals Can Help You Stock Up On Any Home Appliance Gifts You May Have On Your List

The sale your home (and you) have been waiting for.

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Good news!! Your favorite home improvement store is having a pretty spectacular Black Friday sale, and they’ve *alreadystarted slashing prices across the site! Why wait until Black Friday when you can score discounts NOW for EVERY room in your home!?


^^You with all your new high-tech home appliances from Lowe’s. 

The deals are only live through Nov. 30, so be sure to shop while you can! Check out some of the deals you simply shouldn’t pass up:


A cordless drill set featuring a lightweight, slim design so you can squeeze it into all those small corners of your home that desperately need attention.

the drill kit


Promising review:  “It works really well. I was really surprised what a great deal i got with this and with all the things it came with!” —Portfam

Price:  $99 (originally $159)


A portable Bissell spot and stain cleaner designed to suck up pet hair and who-knows-what-else from your carpet, car seats, and furniture.

a model using the cleaner on a stain on a shag white rug


Promising review:  “Woke up this morning to find that my dog had explosive diarrhea ALL over my bedroom. Which has a white carpet. In an apartment I rent. After doing my best to clean up, I headed to Lowe’s to pick up this bad boy, the heavy soil solution, and the spot treatment. You can’t see or smell ANYTHING from this morning. I cannot praise this thing enough. It had a tough job today, and my carpets look cleaner than before.” —Kait

Price:  $144.99 (originally $164.99)


A Google Nest smart-home hub that you can use to control just about every amenity — I’m talkin’ music, shows, alarms, calendar reminders, to-do lists — in your house, apartment or condo from a single screen. Talk about living in the future!!

a smart home speaker in white on a nightstand


Promising review: “Excellent product! Makes my life easier and better. Sleep sensing, Google assistant, great audio, weather, alarm, news, YouTube and more!” —Ariana 

Price: $49.99 (originally $99; available in four colors)


A 121-piece mechanic’s tool set for those who always seem to be “working on the car.” Best of all, this kit will help keep everything nice and organized thanks to its included storage case.

the tool kit in a red case in front of a person working on a car


Promising review: “I have owned craftsman tools since I was 12 and I have to say since they got bought out and redone I am very impressed with these new tools. I like the smooth gunmetal finish. the case this comes in is a nice sturdy unit with 4 latches. I also like how the size is cut into the socket and wrench and not just stamped. much easier to read when they get dirty or well-worn and scratched. I am also glad that lowes is now carrying craftsman tools. I really hope they carry a lot more stuff!” —dixiemopar

Price: $99.98 (originally $189)


A built-in three-level dishwasher so you can blast away even more grease and grime in just a single wash. Think of all the time this will save you from scrubbing dishes and imagine all the extra hours of TV you can watch! What a dream.

the dishwasher shown with its three racks pulled out and dishes inside


Promising review: “If the price point is close to your comfort zone, stop looking. This machine is great. It has easy-to-use controls, all the features you want, and is nearly silent. The loudest part of the cycle is the draining of the water through our sink’s disposal. The bonus top rack is worth it! More useful than just a flatware rack. Almost chose a different machine for the perk of the bottle wash nozzles, but I don’t use hard to clean bottles, and it would have gone unused. Frustration-free flatware basket on the lower rack is great too. It has different sized slots in every row, and holds each piece on its own so no risk of nesting or water spotting.” —Matt 

Price: $949 (originally $1,349, and three colors)


A French door refrigerator, since your current fridge has a loose handle, broken ice maker, and is simply WAY too small for all the cooking you’ve been doing lately.

a French-door refrigerator


Promising review: “I could not believe how much room this refrigerator has. We transferred everything out of our other side by side fridge into this one and there was SO MUCH ROOM left over in both the fridge and the freezer. Plus it looks beautiful in our kitchen. SO GLAD we bought this.” —Choirboy 

Price: $1,999+ (originally $3,299+; available in two sizes, two styles, and three colors) 


A Google Nest Mini that you can basically boss around whenever you feel like it. “Hey Google, turn the lights on!!” and “Hey Google, remind me what day it is again?!”

The Google nest on a console table behind a TV set


Promising review: “I have these little guys in each bedroom and I love them. They are small and fit nicely on the nightstand or dresser and look good too. With all the features they provide it’s nice to be able to walk into the room and say, ‘Hey Google’ and have it do pretty much whatever I need. My kids and guests enjoy it very much too. Being able to tell it to turn on or off a light is very convenient and saves on electricity. I can even control them while away from home in case I forgot or want to make my home look occupied at night. Highly recommend this product to add to or to start building your smart-home system.” —Jack

Price: $19.99 (originally $49, available in two colors)


A frameless sliding glass shower door because you’re upgrading every other room in your home after reading this post so you might as well tackle the bathroom, too!!

The glass shower door in silver finish


Promising review: “This shower door added the right elegance to our newly remodeled bathroom. It keeps the water within the shower and the doors glide smoothly from either direction.” —DCrawley

Price: $699.99+ (originally $823.52+; available in two widths, two glass patterns, and three finishes)


A Serta hybrid mattress fully equipped with the ideal blend of memory foam and coils, making it equal halves comfort AND support — aka the best of both worlds!

The mattress on a bed with sheets and pillows


This mattress-in-a-box is easy to set up and also comes with a 90-day test-rest guarantee (just in case you find that it’s not quite the mattress for you).

Promising review: “It’s been over a week since we set up the new mattress. I added my old box spring to lift the bed. The first night was very nice. Since then, every night seems great. I would tell you to buy it. It keeps its shape and is very comfortable.” —Greatsleep63

Price: $399.50+ (originally $799+; available in sizes full–king)


A miter saw to finally fill your empty garage with some fancy tools and get started on all those DIY home projects that you’ve studied so closely on HGTV.

model using the saw


Promising review:  “I have needed a quality compound miter saw capable of handling small to medium cuts for a long time. Performing these cuts with a table saw or hand held circular saw with jigs is possible in many cases, but the setup time, adjustability, and accuracy can vary greatly. This saw is light and small enough to carry to my work area from storage in the basement. With a 12-inch blade, it is capable of handling 95% of the stock I might ever need to miter cut. It sets up easily and can be clamped to my Workmate portable bench. With an upgraded 80-tooth blade (it comes with a general purpose 40-tooth blade), it makes clean, accurate, and repeatable cuts! Has Dewalt quality and reliability.” —Tom

Price:  $199 (originally $319)


And a cordless impact driver that’ll also come to the rescue once you’re finally ready to start those DIY projects.

a black and black impact driver with a Phillips head installing a panel


Promising review: “I picked up one at Lowe’s on sale (includes one battery, charger, and bag) and I am very satisfied with the performance of this tool. Very nice brushless impact. Powerful enough to remove wheel lug nuts. The name ‘Bosch’ speaks for itself. Perfect for DIYers, and for professional use. For the price, you can’t beat it. Two thumbs up from me!” —Ryanized

Price: $99 (originally $179)


A vintage-inspired, farmhouse-style sideboard you could use in an endless number of ways — think everything from a console table in your living room (to store remote controls, cords) to a mini buffet in your breakfast nook (for silverware, napkins, chargers). You get the idea.

the wooden sideboard in rustic dark blue


Promising review: “This table surpassed my expectations. Easy assembly, packaged well, in great condition, and looks expensive. The bottom shelf is sturdy and the color is awesome. Not a pure white but a creamy white. The hardware is a burnished metal and blends well with any decor. It’s versatile and would work for many styles and different rooms. I like that it’s the perfect size — taller than most, deep enough with useful storage, and not too big. Perfect.” —LowesShopper

Price: $273.72 (originally $354; available in eight colors)


An eight-piece steel garage storage system if you’re really ready to get your garage under control. This thing comes with two lockers, three wall cabinets, AND a bamboo worktop. Talk about next-level space-making.

eight piece gray storage system


Promising review: “Great material and organization! Came pre-built, which made it a lot simpler to put together. I will definitely buy more pieces to expand it.” —RickyT 

Price: $2,019.99 (originally $2,519.99)


A smart thermostat because we ALL know the drama tinkering with the thermostat can cause. This genius little gadget can actually program itself and regulate the room based on your preferences — which means NO ONE will be accused of turning it up or down now. 🙂

a smart thermostat in black attached to a green wall


Promising review: “Fairly easy installation/replacement for a homeowner with a little patience and attention — as long as the existing wiring is compatible. I believe that will normally be the case, but I’m sure there are some homes with other wiring schemes that may require you to get a professional installer or electrician. It’s a relief not to have to push a bunch of buttons to set a schedule. Our old thermostat was losing its mind and the expense seems so far to be justifiable in terms of convenience alone. If I can install this thing, most people will have no trouble with it. I think the Nest thermostat is cool … maybe there’s a pun in there somewhere.” —Dave

Price: $179 (originally $249; available in six colors) 


A Ring doorbell that allows you to get a good look at who’s on the other side of the door BEFORE you answer it. It can also detect motion and alert you on the corresponding app!

a Ring doorbell next to a front door


Promising review: “I love the view I get with this doorbell. My doorbell is on the left wall in front of my front door, so I had to get a wedge and angle the device at it’s max. Even though the angle is approximately 45 degrees, it picks up everything in view on my walkway, and even the front door. I’m so impressed with the ease of installation and the performance. I did wire into my existing wiring, which took some added wire, but it’s very easy to do.” —Tucsonjohn 

Price: $59.99 (originally $99.99; available in two colors)


A beverage cooler with room for up to 140 cans of your fav drinkies. It also has a sleek stainless steel finish that’ll look great in your kitchen or wet bar!

The cooler


Promising review: “We tore out a bottom kitchen cabinet and put this in its place under the counter. It looks amazing, and we all love it. The kids love being able to reach all their drinks easily. It keeps them the perfect temp, has a light, and an alarm if the door is left open.” —aduley1

Price: $499 (originally $549)


A matte touchless faucet — seriously, all you have to do is wave your hand on the side for the water to turn on. Talk about living in the year 3000!

a person waving their hand in front of the matte black faucet


Promising review: “It looks beautiful on my sink. Pulls the whole kitchen look together!” —Lisa

Price: $149.95+ (originally $199.95; available in eight finishes)


An Amazon Echo Dot that’ll gladly play your favorite tunes while you’re cooking away a lovely dinner or cleaning up the house. It’s like having your own personal DJ!

The echo dot speaker resting on table


Promising review: “My favorite thing, there is a lot more music and less tv noise in my home. With a few words I can turn on/off/pause, change stations, volume, and get exactly what kind of music in in the mood for. Had gotten one for a gift a few month ago and purchased these for 84 yr old mom and 11 year old granddaughter. They love them too. Lowes was great to order through and good price.” —Ellen

Price: $19.99 (originally $39.99)


A convection oven fully equipped with self-cleaning functionality (which it can complete in a quick 30-minute cycle, no less). I can’t think of a more important feature to consider when buying an oven, can you!?

the black oven


Promising review: “I have had this stove for three months and love it! Heats quickly and evenly, knobs are not flimsy, and the no element oven is the best invention since canned beer! Every feature works great — and the fact it is also a convection oven is a plus. Three racks and the bottom one slides out when oven door is opened. Love love love!!!!” —Brigitte

Price: $749 (originally $999, available in four colors)


A powerful microwave that packs a punch with 1,000 watts to heat your food *EVENLY(and in record time!).

the microwave installed above stovetop with pot of noodles cooking beneath


Promising review: “We bought this a few weeks ago as a replacement for our previous Whirlpool microwave – which worked flawlessly for more than 10 years! We wanted to stay with the Whirlpool brand because of the positive experience we had with our previous microwave oven. The instructions and materials provided made installation a snap, and it took less than 30 minutes to remove our old model and install the new one. The black finish is great. It doesn’t show fingerprints, and both the inside and outside wipe clean easily with a damp cloth. The buttons and digital readout are large and easy to read, and the controls are extremely intuitive and easy to operate. Last but not least, the price was great compared to several other models of similar size and power. We would recommend this product to anyone in the market for an over-the-range microwave oven.” —RonIndy

Price: $249 (originally $399, available in four colors)


A stand mixer for the aspiring baker who isn’t quite ready to splurge on a KitchenAid yet. But, this thing can easily help mix all of your ingredients and is a great, more affordable entry point!

The stand mixer next to some pastries


Price: $123.08 (originally $227.52)


A chic mid-century TV stand to hide all those hideous cords and machines with blinking lights that camp out underneath your gorgeous 4K TV.



Promising review: “It is really hard to find this length TV stand for this good of price. Looks a lot more than it is priced at. Only complaint would be the directions are not very explanatory. Overall worth it and a really beautiful piece of furniture!” —Ian M

Price: $175 (originally $234)


A white six-shelf bookcase you can use to build out the home library you’ve been dreaming of. You can even place several next to each other along a wall so they look like built-ins!

the white bookshelf


Promising review: “Love this unit! It’s dimensions are spot on perfect for my sewing room. I bought three!” —Sharron

Price: $198.93


An over-the-toilet storage cabinet to maximize space in your *TINYcity-apartment bathroom.

the white over-the-toilet storage


Promising review: “This over the toilet medicine cabinet is amazing. I live in an apartment and did not want to install a cabinet on the wall. This thing is a game changer. I hate the way counters look with items scoured all over. Now I have clean uncluttered bathroom counters. Super easy to assemble. And it’s the best looking one out there. Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS ONE. You will not regret it!” —Julie Peretti

Price: $88.50 (originally $108


A rustic-industrial ladder desk because you are team WFH forever and are in desperate need of getting yourself a little workstation.

the desk


Promising review: “Year One of homeschool almost complete and we needed shelf room but didn’t have the space for a cabinet along with two desks (in the living room). Found these and love them! They seem sturdy and made well. Put together in a little over an hour each desk by myself, easy clear instructions.” —Jessica

Price: $150.68 (originally $1494)

And there’s plenty more where these came from! Be sure to shop the Lowe’s Black Friday sale now through Nov. 30!


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.