There Became A Extensive Villain Uncover On “WandaVision,” And It Included The Catchiest Theme Song I’ve Ever Heard In My Damn Lifestyles

There Became A Extensive Villain Uncover On “WandaVision,” And It Included The Catchiest Theme Song I’ve Ever Heard In My Damn Lifestyles

(Musical) Spoiler Warning!

Hello hi there hi there, readers! This submit is in regards to essentially the most up to the moment episode of WandaVision and, extra importantly, a mighty-ass spoiler at the tail-terminate of the episode! So, if you have not viewed it but, I implore you to click on a ways off from this submit sooner than scrolling from now on!!!


It’s seemingly you’ll also advance abet later, bookmark this! Or now not it is fun!

OKAY! Or now not it is your final chance to flip abet! SPOILERS INCOMING IN 3! 2! 1…


So, um…it used to be Agnes — or, extra as it may perhaps perhaps perhaps be, Agatha. Agatha is the injurious guy. It used to be, fairly actually, Agatha all alongside.


Introducing herself as “Agatha Harkness” at the very terminate of the episode, the personality used to be published to be the mastermind at the abet of fairly distinguished every share of the display hide to this level, from Pietro’s unexpected reappearance to killing the twins’ canines, Sparky. Her sinful is aware of no bounds!!!


Within the comics, Agatha Harkness is a VERY distinguished witch who’s regularly tied to the Amazing Four — SO DO WITH THAT INFORMATION WHAT YOU WILL.

Soundless, easily essentially among the finest share of her personality display hide used to be that she STRAIGHT-UP GOT A VILLAIN THEME SONG? AND IT’S A BOP?! KRONK IS SHAKING?!

Literally can not stop listening to Agatha all Along, I believe in Kathryn Hahn supremacy 🌟

Actually can now not pause taking be aware of Agatha all Alongside, I imagine in Kathryn Hahn supremacy 🌟

Like, “Monster Mash” who???

So — with all of that in thoughts — listed below are just a few of absolutely the silliest reactions to both Agatha’s display hide and her absolute BOP of a theme tune, courtesy of Tumblr and Twitter:


This (un)expected flip of events:


The fresh Disney villain tune:


This straightforward fact:


This excellent photoshop:


This most in vogue planning methodology:


And in the rupture — this magically crossover:

What had been your thoughts on the mighty display hide in the fresh episode of WandaVision? How carry out I plan “Agatha All Alongside” my ringtone? Half all of your solutions in the comments below!!! Also, if you preferred what you read, be definite to click on via and notice your favourite creators on Tumblr and Twitter to plan your timelines extra fun, nerdy places to be!