The Papers: Outrage over oil profits and hack delay to PM vote

The Papers: Outrage over oil profits and hack delay to PM vote

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The Daily Mirror leads on oil giant BP’s latest results, which saw it make £6.9bn profit in three months. “Brazen Profiteers” is the headline as the paper says households are struggling with “crippling energy bills”.

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The Guardian leads on the same story as it says there is “outrage” that oil firms rake in profits while energy bills soar. The paper says nearly £50bn profit has been shared by the world’s five biggest oil companies, prompting calls for higher taxes on the sector. The front page also features a picture of US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi during her controversial visit to Taiwan.

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The Daily Star dresses up its front page with a picture of BP chief executive Bernard Looney on an oil barrel saying “We’ve got you over a barrel”.

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The Daily Telegraph says voting in the Tory leadership election has been delayed over warnings that hackers could change people’s ballots. It says the concerns mean that plans to allow members to change their vote up until the final deadline have been scrapped as a result. The paper is one of several to carry a picture of Princess Charlotte enjoying herself at the Commonwealth Games.

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The Daily Express also focuses on politics as it carries a message from Tory leadership front runner Liz Truss. The foreign secretary has vowed to get the economy “firing on all cylinders”.

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The Times says 60% of the Tory membership prefer Ms Truss as their next prime minister as her lead over former chancellor Rishi Sunak grows. The paper carries a YouGov poll which suggests 26% of members prefer Mr Sunak.

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The Daily Mail leads on China’s “chilling threat” over Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. Beijing has vowed to use “targeted military action” in response to the diplomatic visit to the island. Ms Pelosi is the most prominent politician to visit Taipei in 25 years, the paper says.

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“Heartbreak for Archie’s family” is the headline on the Metro, as it says judges had refused a final reprieve for the schoolboy, 12. His parents want him to die with dignity in a hospice instead of at hospital, the paper says.

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“So much for the legacy” is the headline on the i, which says the government has refused to give girls equal football in PE lessons despite the Lionesses’ victory in the Women’s European Championships.

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The Financial Times leads on global management company Bain & Co being banned from tendering for UK government contracts for three years over its “grave professional misconduct” in a corruption scandal in South Africa.

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The Sun has an interview with Rebekah Vardy following her High Court defeat in the so-called Wagatha Christie libel case. She says she was on holiday in Dubai when the now infamous message accusing her of leaking stories about Coleen Rooney was published.

“Hacking warning delays Tory vote” is the headline on the front of the Daily Telegraph.

It says security agency GCHQ had concerns that “nefarious actors” could have altered votes by Conservative party members to pick the next prime minister.

The paper understands that there was “no specific threat from a hostile state”, but it calls the episode “embarrassing for Conservative Party HQ”. The party says it has enhanced the security of the ballot.

The Times has a new YouGov poll of 1,000 Tory members which suggests that Liz Truss has extended her lead over Rishi Sunak. The survey indicates that 60% of party members want her to be the next Tory leader, while pointing to a drop in support for Mr Sunak, to 26%.

Ms Truss has also received a campaign boost with official backing from the Daily Mail. The paper says that “blessed with Yorkshire grit”, she has the “boldness, imagination and strength of conviction” to build on what Boris Johnson began.

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Tory leadership frontrunner Liz Truss has been endorsed by the Daily Mail but other papers say she has suffered a setback

The endorsement comes after what the Guardian brands a “humiliating setback” for Ms Truss’s leadership bid and what the Independent calls a “serious blow”.

They note she was “forced” to abandon a newly-announced pledge – to introduce regional pay for public sector workers – after a backlash within her own party.

A source from her campaign tells the Independent that the policy was dropped in a “full-fat U-turn” and that steps have been taken to make sure “no similar mistakes” are made in future.

The Daily Mirror’s headline describes BP as “Brazen Profiteers”, after the energy giant reported making £880 per second.

The paper says energy firms “are rolling in extra cash” and a higher windfall tax would “now be a legitimate response”.

The Guardian talks of “outrage” over huge profits for oil firms while households face soaring energy bills. The company’s chief executive, Bernard Looney, has said BP will be investing £18bn in Britain this decade.

The Mail says China has made what it calls a “chilling threat” with promises of “targeted military action” – in the form of air and sea drills – around the island.

“So much for legacy,” says the i, following the Lionesses’ victory.

According to the paper, the government will not guarantee schoolgirls the same access as boys to football in PE, despite demands to capitalise on Sunday’s Euro 2022 win by England’s women’s team. The Department for Education tells the paper it is up to schools to decide what sports they teach.

The Sun carries one of the first interviews with Rebekah Vardy since she lost the “Wagatha Christie” libel battle against Coleen Rooney.

Mrs Vardy tells the paper she “felt sick” after last week’s High Court verdict, which has cost her millions, and she maintains she did nothing wrong.

Mrs Vardy, who is married to the footballer Jamie Vardy, also says she has received abuse from people online and in the street, and has had to increase security.

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Princess Charlotte’s personality shines through in pictures on several front pages

And finally, photos of Princess Charlotte enjoying the Commonwealth Games are widely featured.

The Daily Express calls her “Princess Personality” as it captures her pulling faces and giving a thumbs up to her father, Prince William, while she watched Britain’s swimmers.