The 27 Attire From “27 Attire,” Ranked

The 27 Attire From “27 Attire,” Ranked

Here is the definitive, 100% unswerving ranking.

27 Attire is, no doubt, one amongst the correct rom-coms to emerge from the slack 2000s.

27 Attire poster; Katherine Heigl poses in a strapless dress with illustrated text written over it

20th Century Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

Yeah, I acknowledged it.

For people who gather by no technique watched this cinematic masterpiece, the premise is that Jane (Katherine Heigl) is constantly a bridesmaid, by no technique a bride. She can get to know Kevin (James Marsden), a journalist along with his absorb agenda. Cue her absorb hasten to being a bride, total with one beautiful montage in which she devices her many bridesmaids apparel for Kevin.

It be a correct change to gather the correct segment of marriage ceremony custom: judging the fad. Here is a ranking of the general apparel we seek for…


The Bo Behold dress

20th Century Fox

As Kevin says within the film, the theme of this dress looks to be “humiliation”. Fun for a dressing up celebration, presumably, but now not mighty else.


The golf green ’80s number

Jane wears a green 80s style dress with sad gloves

20th Century Fox

I want to know what 365 days Jane used to be supposed to be a bridesmaid in when she wore this. Not a correct seek for previous 1990.


The olive dress

20th Century Fox

The lower of this dress is now not broad, but it absolutely’s enough — the shade, nonetheless, is lawful the worst. The roughly bridesmaids dress that makes you suspect the bride is punishing you.


The purple peplum

20th Century Fox

Be conscious when peplums were a complete ingredient? This dress has a lot happening, and again, is terribly ’80s.


The pale purple ball gown

Jane wears a strapless pale purple ballgown

20thcentfox / ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

There’s nothing seriously offensive about this dress, but there’s nothing seriously nice about it both. The shade is candy, I wager?


The excellent bridesmaid dress

Jane wears a grayish-blue dress with a collar

20thcentfox / ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

While you pronounce a stereotypical bridesmaid dress, it potentially looks a lot indulge in this. For such a bland dress, there’s A LOT taking place. The collar! The glints! The tie at the waist! It be usually a Franken-dress.


The blue lacy dress

Jane wears an ankle length blue dress with lace overlay on the bodice

20th Century Fox

I feel indulge in there’s an worldwide the place apart this dress is now not bad — if it were fair a diminutive shorter, with a obvious waistline, presumably — but we gather now not dwell in that world.


The mint bolero seek for

A shot of a digicam with an image of Jane on the camouflage carrying a protracted strapless mint green dress with an identical bolero

20th Century Fox

Here is a delightful shade however the style is such a painfully ’00s seek for it be arduous to guage fondly of it. The bolero! We were subjected to so many boleros!


The purple ’80s number

Jane wears a purple off-the-shoulder fall waist purple '80s style dress

20th Century Fox

One other bizarrely ’80s outfit, but weirdly flattering? I don’t detest it and I can not slightly dispute why.


The yellow outfit

20th Century Fox

The shade is broad on Jane. The tip half of the dress is now not corrupt. The backside half is barely a diminutive corrupt. The accessories are a lot corrupt.


The blue bustle

20th Century Fox

The shade is candy, and so is the beading, however the style is unpleasant. The bustle, in particular, is adverse.


The lacy seek for

A shot of a digicam with an image of Jane on the camouflage carrying awhite dress with a lacy top half and a mint green ribbon and matching hat

20th Century Fox

With some edits, this dress may presumably well very smartly seek for genuinely broad. However she excessive-key looks indulge in the mom of the bride at an ’80s marriage ceremony.


The Barbie dress

20th Century Fox

This dress presents an homely Barbie vibe. Not a corrupt ingredient — apart from Jane looks extreeeeemely sad in it, so it loses a complete lot of components for that.


The cowgirl fit

20th Century Fox

Is this absurd for a marriage ceremony? Yes. However does now not she seek for kinda adorable? And she or he’d solely be ready to repurpose that outfit, with some alterations.


The short strapless blue dress

Jane wears a short strapless blue dress with a ruffled backside

TM &©20th Century Fox/The Everett Collection

Contrary to a couple of the other apparel, this dress is peak 2008. It be now not the worst. However it absolutely’s a long way from the correct.


The dress-and-hat combo

A shot of a digicam with an image of Jane carrying a protracted spaghetti strap dress and an identical hat

20th Century Fox

The dress itself is now not corrupt the least bit — I judge the layered skirt is roughly nice — however the hat! Oh, the hat is corrupt.


The purple and yellow fluffball

Jane wears a  strapless embroidered purple apparel with yellow and purple layers of tulle at the backside

20th Century Fox

This dress is roughly bad but to boot roughly unprecedented? Perchance I’ve been searching at too many corrupt apparel, presumably it be lawful the enjoyment of Jane’s pose here, but there’s one thing so fun about it.


The goth seek for

Jane stands between two ladies carrying a spiky choker and holding plant life

20thcentfox / ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

We unfortunately can not seek for what this dress genuinely looks indulge in — but from what we’re going to be in a position to hunt for it be roughly dazzling? I indicate, a spiked choker is now not what many of us would decide for our marriage ceremony, but Jane looks moderately sizzling.


The purple sweetheart dress

Jane lifts up the hem of a purple dress with a sweetheart neckline

20thcentfox / ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

Here is one other very ’00s dress, but all things considered it holds up moderately mighty. Jane is forced into a complete lot of purple apparel, but this shade is especially broad on her.


The scuba glam

20th Century Fox

I can feel some madden already about how excessive that is on the checklist. However seek for, it be RIDICULOUS — yet also fun and adorable. It makes me smile, and it will get a High 10 space for that alone.


The kimono

20th Century Fox

Here is genuinely moderately! Perfect now not a accepted.


The whimsical peach

20th Century Fox

Objectively, I judge this dress is roughly grotesque. However Jane floats around indulge in a fairy with such pleasure and whimsy, I can now not attend but absorb it.


The tophat dress

Jane excessive-kicks in front of a mattress carrying a purple knee-length dress and holding a top hat

20th Century Fox

The tophat is, smartly, over-the-top, but I genuinely judge this dress is genuinely, genuinely adorable.


The swimsuit

Jane wears a swimsuit and stands in front of a mattress

20th Century Fox

I’d catch pleasure from this more if the tailoring used to be better, but pondering the ’00s setting, this in all fairness damn correct.


The empire-waist dress

20th Century Fox

Perchance I seek facts from too many Jane Austen duration dramas, but I’m a broad fan of this silhouette. She looks exquisite!


The sari

Jane poses in a sari

20thcentfox / ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

Here is the correct bridesmaid seek for, no query about it.


The marriage ceremony dress

20th Century Fox

OF COURSE that is the winner. It be her marriage ceremony dress! The complete film has been building up to this! It be easy, but Jane looks beautiful in it. What’s to now not absorb?

Obviously this ranking is correct, but for people who feel indulge in telling me I’m immoral (I’m now not) — how would you base Jane’s apparel?