Millennials Are Dragging Boomers Who Say We Can’t Afford Homes Because Of “Netflix Subscriptions” And Ordering Out

Millennials Are Dragging Boomers Who Say We Can’t Afford Homes Because Of “Netflix Subscriptions” And Ordering Out

Houses literally used to cost $12,000. Like, goodbye Cheryl.

Despite mortgages out-pacing our income, the Times recently shared that some boomers have offered this advice for millennials “complaining” about finding affordable housing: “Cancel the Netflix subscriptions and stop ordering takeaways.”

Baby boomers have some advice for millennials struggling to buy a home: cancel the Netflix subscription and stop ordering takeaways

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In response to the unsolicited advice from our out-of-touch elders, millennials and Gen Xers alike shot back with facts, jokes, and incredulous reactions. Here’s how they responded:


@thetimes I’m a boomer and we bought our first house when I was 21, so did my friends.
Life was much easier for us than young people today.
Some old people have conveniently short memories.

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Food $200
Data $150
Rent $800
Gardening supplies $3,600
Utility $150
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying

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@thetimes Lecturing people from the house I got for fifty bucks and a signed frank sinatra picture at a time when only whites could buy homes

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@thetimes *searches for graph which shows how much mortgage payments/deposits have grown as a percentage of income over the years 🙄Times are hard. Give them a break FFS

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These boomers, tomorrow: “Hey, can you come over and log the TV into the Netflix again? It’s telling me the subscription is canceled??”

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@thetimes Ever since I canceled my Netflix sub, I am rolling in $$$. Just bought a mega yacht, a private jet, and a few mansions. Looking at picking up an island or 2. I wonder if Greenland is available.

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@thetimes Hey young people, it’s easy as that. Save £100 a month by cutting Netflix and takeaways and in 41 short sweet years you will enough for a deposit on your very own flat in Swindon!!

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@AudiSun07 @WhatEvil @everysongsung @thetimes The best thing is looking at Zillow and seeing how ppl are selling houses for 300k USD more then they bought it in 2020 🙃🙃

Nothing added. No new roof or anything. Just 300k more then what they paid 2 years ago.

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