“Mare Of Easttown” Has Taken Over My Life, So Here Are 22 Of us Who Might presumably Be The Killer

“Mare Of Easttown” Has Taken Over My Life, So Here Are 22 Of us Who Might presumably Be The Killer

“I haven’t been this suspicious of a gaggle of townsfolk since Broadchurch.”

When you would possibly want to well well hang been watching Mare of Easttown on HBO, there could be a factual probability you glimpse one thing savor this factual now:


I absolutely kind.

We’re simplest three episodes in, and it appears savor for every answer we win, two original questions pop up.

Mare of Easttown is making me paranoid. Haven’t been so suspicious of a total group of townsfolk since Broadchurch.

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The central mystery revolves spherical who killed Erin McMenamin, however there could be also the unsolved case of Katie Bailey’s disappearance. Are the 2 cases connected? I must know factual now, HBO.

For the sake of theorizing, listed below are the total folks we hang now been launched to who could well well presumably be the killer:


Frank Sheehan


Now, after Episode 2’s bombshell of a cliffhanger, Frank was as soon as having a witness dazzling guilty. We kind no longer know for definite that he’s no longer the father of Erin’s child, however I disclose him that he was as soon as merely helping her out as a interested instructor…for now. Whether or no longer he’s or is no longer the father, we are going to no longer brush aside him as a suspect but.


Dylan Hinchey


Dylan can insist up and down that he had nothing to kind with Erin’s abolish, however he absolutely has motive, especially if he chanced on out that DJ wasn’t his biological child. Dylan is an evident suspect, and he’ll continue to be one till we win concrete proof that it can maybe well presumably no longer hang been him.


Brianna Del Rasso


Brianna is one other evident suspect, however to this level there hasn’t been any proof that proves her innocence, and the expose made it determined that she hated Erin — plus, she is NOT particular person. The reality that her dad is performing so aggressively in opposition to Mare (harassing her in public, throwing things via her window) doesn’t make Brianna glimpse any better.

Kate Winslet’s personality no longer even flinching on the jug of milk crashing via her window & persevering with to exercise her sandwich is the roughly no f*cks strength I aspire to. #MareOfEasttown

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Dylan’s fogeys (both one of them)


Dylan’s fogeys seem to in actuality love DJ, and it’s no longer inconceivable that they wanted Erin out of the draw in which so that Dylan would hang sole custody of the child.


Kenny, Erin’s dad


Kenny looked panicked and devastated when he bought the news about his daughter’s demise, however that will maybe well presumably also hang been an act. All of us know he wasn’t in particular good to Erin and wasn’t chuffed about financially supporting DJ. The reality that he tried to abolish Dylan simplest proves that he’s able to abolish. He could well well presumably also hang killed Erin during an argument and long gone after Dylan for getting her pregnant within the necessary notify.


Father Dan Hastings


There’s no reason to suspect Dan merely but, however there’s also no reason to contemplate he’s entirely innocent. He hasn’t in actuality change into essential to the epic but, however I’m willing to be we’ll learn more about him, especially since he works with Deacon Designate. He’s also a priest, which, on a expose savor this, make him straight away suspicious. I kind no longer make the principles.

Enough so the assassin on #MareOfEasttown is 100% Kate Winslet’s priest cousin becuase:

[x] appears to be like to be like savor a ferret
[x] is a medium-stage suspect/personality
[x] this expose is fundamentally a dramatized model of The Keepers already anyway

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Faye, savor Dan, is a member of the Sheehan family who hasn’t change into central to the epic but. All we know is that she doesn’t savor Mare, and somewhat heaps of folks hang talked about that she’s a factual particular person with a factual status.




Look, I kind no longer must contemplate Helen had anything to kind with Erin’s demise, and so some distance as we can speak, she had no motive. But she was as soon as awake when Mare bought home at 3: 30am on the evening of the abolish! She acknowledged she was as soon as up thanks to leg danger, however I’m suspicious of all americans.


John Ross


John is Kenny’s cousin, which can maybe well well make him Erin’s uncle. He’s also married to Lori, Mare’s most piquant friend, and he himself is Frank’s most piquant friend. TBD if he stays a secondary personality.


Officer Trammel


This one is perchance a prolonged shot, however disclose it! He started working as a cop in Easttown the morning earlier than Erin’s physique was as soon as chanced on. He appears to hang a controversy with blood, however that will maybe well presumably be one thing he made up to appear less suspicious.


Erin herself


I contemplate there could be a diminutive possibility that Erin shot herself by probability. It would no longer exhibit why her physique was as soon as indicate within the river, however I’m no longer ready to rule it out merely but.


Richard Ryan


There’s one thing reasonably too suave about Richard, you guys. I do know he was as soon as with Mare on the evening of the abolish, however his sudden arrival in Easttown and his ardour in Mare’s lifestyles makes me contemplate there’s more to him. Even though he’s no longer connected to Erin’s demise, it wouldn’t shock me if he had one thing to kind with Katie’s disappearance. There is also the actual fact that he’s performed by Man Pearce, this implies that his personality is obligatory. Mindy Kaling is of the same opinion!

Enough Man Pearce is majorly sus in Mare of Easttown. A original creator who merely moved to town who hit on Mare mercilessly, a colossal grouch in a button down corduroy shirt. Doesn’t add up memento man


Deacon Designate


If Episode 2 made Frank a necessary suspect, Episode 3 merely did the same thing to Deacon Designate. No longer simplest was as soon as he the final particular person Erin spoke to on the phone the evening she died, however he’s had her bike all this time! And he dumped it within the river! We can’t disclose for definite that he’s the one who killed her, however he’s undoubtedly more interested than he’s letting on.


Any aggregate of two or more characters


Each person in Easttown appears to be like to be related come what could, and I would no longer be taken aback if that closeness extended to helping any individual cloak up a abolish. There is a factual probability this season ends with bigger than one particular person on this list being guilty.


Every other random particular person


Listen, I kind no longer belief a single particular person on this town, even these we hang now no longer met but.

The next folks are technically soundless suspects, however I contemplate it be highly now doubtlessly no longer that they’d anything to kind with Erin’s demise:

Here is exclusively speculative, and I could well well presumably also merely exercise my phrases later.


Mare Sheehan


Mare is removed from ideal — the draw in which she treats Carrie is unpleasant, even earlier than PLANTING DRUGS ON HER — however I don’t contemplate she’s a assassin. She has no motive, and logistically it’s fundamentally impossible for her to hang executed it. The greatest reason she’s on this list is in case the expose decides to kind a Gossip Lady-model ending.


Colin Zabel


Colin is a newcomer to Easttown savor Richard, however he appears savor he actually merely desires to aid Mare clear up these cases. And, is it merely me, or does he seem to hang reasonably of a crush on her? Anyway, he’s doubtlessly no longer guilty.


Lori Ross


Lori is Mare’s most piquant friend, and he or she’s the greatest one that Mare appears to in actuality savor. Their bond is de facto stable, and it will in actuality random for Lori to hang anything to kind with the abolish. Peaceful technically which that you simply would possibly want to factor in, however now doubtlessly no longer.


Siobhan Sheehan


Siobhan was as soon as the final particular person to communicate to Erin in particular person, however she was as soon as seeking to aid her. Other than that interplay, it would no longer seem savor Erin and Siobhan knew every other thoroughly. Siobhan appears savor a blinding frequent youngster, more shy about her band than committing abolish.


Carrie Layden


Carrie’s bought other things to fear about — savor seeking to glimpse her son (Mare’s grandson) — and it wouldn’t shock me if she had no notion who Erin even was as soon as. It wasn’t her…I contemplate. She has a bigger role to play soundless, however it appears savor it will hang more to kind with the Sheehan family than the abolish.


Morning time Bailey


Like Carrie, Morning time’s bought too great on her plate factual now (missing daughter, most cancers) to be going spherical committing abolish merely to make Mare glimpse unsightly.


Chief Carter


Mare’s boss is a saint of a particular person for being as affected person with her as he’s, because she appears savor a nightmare to work with. She steals proof, for crying out loud! Chief Carter does no longer hang time for this — he merely wants these cases solved, thank you very great.

Are there any suspects you disclose I omitted? Discontinue you would possibly want to well well merely hang any theories of your comprise? Talk about, please!

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Me, watching Mare of Easttown every week taking underneath consideration I’ve figured one thing out.