Larry Kudlow lays out how Biden can fix his shrinking economy

Larry Kudlow lays out how Biden can fix his shrinking economy

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Fox Business Larry Kudlow detailed how President Biden can fix the shrinking economy on Thursday’s “Hannity,” criticizing his excessive spending and war against fossil fuels. 

LARRY KUDLOW: It’s all it’s all phony baloney and malarkey coming out of the White House. Everybody knows this. Look, actually, the numbers today. You had your second straight quarterly decline, but they were worse than the first quarter. And the inflation rate, Sean, was 8.9%. So it’s a bad combination. Actually I thought you were going to ask me, have you ever seen a swing down this fast? I mean Biden in 18 months, right, he took a strong economy, growing at 6% with less than 2% inflation and in 18 months turned that into a high inflation recession, essentially stagflation. And just a year and a half. It’s really quite remarkable. 


And by the way, Sean, I happen to agree with your analysis, way too much spending, way too much money printing way too much war against fossil fuels, driving up prices for everybody. And okay, so let’s fix this. Let’s fix this. You and I can fix this. You’re a supply-sider, right? Let’s make the Trump tax cuts permanent. Let’s have deregulation. Let’s have energy independence. Let’s have deregulation across the board. And then let’s have a strong dollar to hold down inflation. This can be fixed with the supply side agenda, but I don’t know that we’re ever going to see it from Biden. 


This article was written by Fox News staff.