Labour conference: Angela Rayner restores attack on Johnson in residue row

Labour conference: Angela Rayner restores attack on Johnson in residue row

By Jennifer Scott

Political press reporter, BBC News

image source, PA Media

image caption A row has actually broken out at the Labour celebration conference over Angela Rayner’s remarks

Angela Rayner states she would be “pleased to take a seat” with the PM after she dealt with criticism for calling him “residue”.

Labour’s deputy leader has waited the remark she made throughout a fringe occasion at the celebration’s conference.

Requiring To Twitter on Monday, she duplicated her allegations that Boris Johnson had actually made “racist, homophobic and sexist” remarks.

And she published images of headings where the PM had actually declined to state sorry for his own questionable remarks.

Ms Rayner stated: “If he withdraws his remarks and apologises, I’ll be really pleased to apologise to him.”

Inquired about her most current remarks, a No 10 spokesperson stated: “It is a matter for her how she picks her remarks.”

Labour’s shadow trade secretary Emily Thornberry stated she would “most likely apologise” if she had actually utilized the word “residue” – however stated Ms Rayner had the “proof” to support her other allegations.

The row started on Saturday night when Ms Rayner was reported to have actually called Tory ministers “a lot of residue” at a conference occasion.

On Sunday, she waited her remarks, informing the BBC: “I will apologise when Boris apologises for stating the remarks he has actually made, I will withdraw that he is residue.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer stated it was “not the language I would have utilized” however did not require his deputy to apologise.

Conservative Celebration Chair Oliver Dowden criticised Ms Rayner, stating political leaders “require to make politics much better not drag it into the seamless gutter”.

He included: “At a time when the nation is attempting to gather to recuperate from Covid, the last thing we require is the deputy leader of the Labour Celebration calling individuals ‘residue’ and screaming insults.”

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image caption Ms Rayner restored her attack on the prime minister with headings about his previous remarks

Ms Rayner restored her attack on the PM on Sunday, tweeting 4 headings about Mr Johnson declining to apologise over remarks he made about Muslim ladies and gay males.

She included: “Boris Johnson likewise called the kids of single moms ‘oblivious and invalid’.

” According to Boris Johnson, when I was a young single mum I must have been pressed into ‘destitution on a Victorian scale’.

” So you can apologise for those remarks also prime minister.”

‘ Heat of the minute’

Inquired about the discuss BBC 2’s Politics Live, shadow trade secretary Emily Thornberry stated her coworker’s preliminary remarks had actually been made at a fringe conference “where there might have been beverage partaken [and] where it is loud, rowdy”.

She included: [Ms Rayner] was advancing proof of him being racist, misogynistic and after that, in the heat of all that, she calls them ‘residue’.

” She most likely should not have actually stated ‘residue’ however the rest of it naturally, there is proof of it.”

Ms Thornberry stated it occurred “in the heat of the minute”, prior to including: “I personally would apologise if I had [used the word scum] however I comprehend the context of it, I can see how it has actually taken place.

” I do not believe this is the most significant thing that has actually taken place at celebration conference.”