Judge Jeanine exposes who she thinks is running the White House


Judge Jeanine Pirro questioned who was truly in charge of the White House Saturday on “ Justice with Judge Jeanine

JUDGE JEANINE: In case you didn’t understand it, Joe Biden is the president of the United States in name just. Somebody else is running the White House. Barack Obama, possibly? Occur with me and see if what I state makes good sense. Now, from the start of his project, we understood he wasn’t. We kept asking ourselves what was incorrect with him. He was plainly puzzled, stating insane things.

We could not ask concerns, due to the fact that they kept pulling him back behind the COVID drape as if they were concealing something. At the exact same time that President Trump was campaigning all the time, Joe Biden was hunched down under the COVID storm, a minimum of up until the queries passed. Even then, he was typically uninformed of where he was, or where he was going.

No President in United States history has actually ever spoken like this. What are we expected to conclude when the most effective guy in the complimentary world states somebody will reprimand him if he does not do what they inform him to do. Is another person in charge?

By the method, have you seen Joe Biden is performing the very same policies Barack Obama had? Open borders, trashing the authorities, stating he’s with an ‘worldwide neighborhood’ when such is not the case … And by the method, how is it that Kamala Harris, who is Joe Biden’s option for vice president, was even considered that chance offered the reality that she called him out on his racist beliefs? And why would somebody as unaware as cackler Kamala, who needed to leave of a governmental main since she could not get 1%, how is it that she’s now the vice president of the United States? Reflect to Barack Obama’s love for Kamala Harris.