Hollywood Either Totally Nails Or Misses The Mark When It Comes To LGBTQ Representation In Television And Film


Sex Education does an excellent task dealing with sexuality and gender. It’s extremely front and center, and it’s the very first program I’ve ever seen that consists of both pan and ace representation.”

Recently, it was revealed that Warner Bros. Images eliminated essential discussion in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore that verified Jude Law’s character– young Albus Dumbledore– was gay.

Warner Bros. Pictures/ Courtesy of Everett Collection

The 2 lines have actually been gotten rid of in all cinema in China, which has actually undoubtedly triggered a great deal of responses from fans and the LGBTQ neighborhood. Representation in television and movie matters, and seeing this example occurring in 2022 is quite discouraging.


So we asked the BuzzFeed Community to inform us which LGBTQ characters from television and movie were depicted in a precise light, and which characters were represented in a dismissive light. Here’s what they needed to state:

Warning: Potential TV/movie spoilers ahead!

Note: Not all submissions are from Community users.

Note: There isn’t “one” common representation of somebody who recognizes as LGBTQ– the spectrum is huge. This post examines LGBTQ stereotypes vs. reasonable attributes and experiences.

1. An LGBTQ character composed terribly: Castiel from Supernatural(2005–2020)

The CW

“12 years of queer-coding just to pass away 5 minutes after coming out. Castiel’s confession was expected to encapsulate his real joy, stating that ‘queer individuals more than happy when they come out.’ He was likewise hardly pointed out after he passed away.”


2. An LGBTQ character composed magnificently: Nick from Heartstopper(2022)


” Honestly, everybody from Heartstopper was composed magnificently, however I can speak finest to bisexual stories, and Nick had the ability to go on that journey without being impeded by the ‘you’re simply gay and pretending to be bi’ story. It was actually revitalizing to see a young adult have the ability to discover and accept himself through a relationship with another male without needing to eliminate the part of himself that is likewise thinking about ladies. He made errors in his journey and owned each and every single among them, even while being so baffled about who he was. This was an exceptional representation of a young adult discovering themselves through queer delight rather of injury, and it was stunning.”

” Also, feeling bi panic while viewing Pirates of the Caribbean? Extremely relatable.”


3. An LGBTQ character composed badly: Maya from Pretty Little Liars (2010–2017)


” Emily and Maya from Pretty Little Liars was among the very first representations of a WLW relationship I ever viewed as a closeted queer kid. Their relationship itself was remarkable representation, however then they eliminated Maya in a timeless ‘bury your gays’ style.”


4. An LGBTQ character composed magnificently: Leighton from The Sex Lives of College Girls(2021– present)


” I like Leighton due to the fact that she’s such a strong character who understands her worth. She’s so identified to not be specified by something, that makes her journey so fascinating and worth rooting for. I even wrecked when she came out to Kimberly on the program– it was such an effective minute that feels more practical and authentic to queer individuals in 2022.”

Lauren Garafano

5. An LGBTQ character composed badly: Celie Harris from The Color Purple(1985)

Warner Bros. Pictures

” Celie from the movie adjustment of The Color Purple The primary character in Alice Walker’s 1982 Pulitzer Prize– winning book was based upon Walker’s granny who followed a life time of abuse and ‘ was not brought in to males‘ Director Steven Spielberg was slammed for considerably reducing Celie’s love affair with her violent other half’s girlfriend in the 1985 movie adjustment. By his own admission, Spielberg ‘took something that was exceptionally sexual and really deliberate, and lowered it to a basic kiss‘”

” In the very same interview, Spielberg specified that he would not alter this if he were to remake the movie today.”

Mary Colussi

6. An LGBTQ character composed magnificently: Chiron from Moonlight(2016)


” Chiron from Moonlight needs to be among the very best representations I’ve ever viewed as a queer character. Here we had a Black, queer guy living in the South, finding and specifying for himself what manhood implied. His roadway was rough, he still stood up for himself– frequently times we’ve seen Black queer characters being represented as ‘excessively womanly,’ and Chiron advised us that queerness does not have simply one appearance.”

— ncbain13

7. An LGBTQ character composed badly: Charlie from Legends of Tomorrow(2016–2022)

The CW

” She was done definitely incorrect– wasn’t she expected to be gender fluid? The program just ever utilized she/her pronouns for them, and it’s shitty thinking about most gender fluid individuals utilize numerous or altering pronouns. The reality that Charlie was pansexual and had this uncertain relationship with Zari that even the stars desired to occur was outrageous. When Behrad appeared (who they described as the ‘male variation’ of Zari in his really first episode) they had Charlie hook up with him IMMEDIATELY, which played into that ‘if among them were a guy’ trope, I expect.”


8. An LGBTQ character composed wonderfully: Rob Brooks from High Fidelity(2020)


Rob’s relationship with Kat was detailed similar to all of her other relationships with guys– there wasn’t an awful or enormous coming out story. Kat was another ex on Rob’s top-five heartbreak list, and it was simply as irritating to view Kat mess up the relationship like a few of Rob’s male exes did. She wasn’t exclusively specified by her sexuality, which was a relief to see– Kat was a natural part of her story, and how she affected her relationship with music.

9. An LGBTQ character composed terribly: Piper from Orange Is the New Black(2013–2019)


” She recognized as bisexual, however the program declined to acknowledge it. She either needed to be straight or gay, and they would not let her be bisexual although she had romantic relationships with both males and females. Bi-erasure so bad!”


10 LGBTQ characters composed magnificently: Every queer character from Sex Education(2019– present)


” All of the LGBTQ characters from Sex Education need to remain in this short article under ‘characters done right.’ This program does such a great task managing the subjects of sexuality and gender, and not in an ‘oh yeah, this is sort of here’ method. It’s extremely front and center, and it’s the very first program I’ve ever seen that consists of both pan and ace representation.”

— Phoenix BK, Facebook

” Done right: Florence from Sex Education — nonsexual representation is so unusual, which one single scene when Florence is speaking with Jean about feeling broken was something that a lot of ace kids might associate with. Jean’s reaction was something those very same ace kids want they had actually heard at that age, too– it was brief, however sensible and significant, and I can not describe how verifying it felt to see (even as an adult).”


11 Two LGBTQ characters composed terribly: Daniela and Carla from In the Heights(2021)

Warner Bros. Pictures

” Daniela and Carla from In the Heights were done so incorrect– I didn’t even understand they were a couple till somebody informed me. Throughout my 2nd watching, sure, if you’re actually keeping an eye out for it, they’re a couple. Do not get me incorrect, I liked that there weren’t any anti-gay stories, however I disagree when LGBTQ characters and relationships are ONLY in the background (thinking about straight characters and relationships are both in the spotlight and in the background). Stephanie Beatriz was still a queen, however.”


12 An LGBTQ character composed magnificently: Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine(2013–2021)


” I like how Rosa’s sexuality was dealt with. The scene when everybody visited her location for video game night and Holt stated to her, ‘Every time somebody actions up and states who they are, the world ends up being a much better, more intriguing location– thank you’ was truthfully BEAUTIFUL!”


” Rosa revealed sensible battles while still keeping an amusing and favorable state of mind for the program– her character was definitely done right.”


13 An LGBTQ character composed badly: Adam Torres from Degrassi: The Next Generation(2001–2015)


” To a degree, I believe they messed up a bit with Adam from Degrassi— it was groundbreaking for its time, however recalling, they did him type of filthy. They didn’t offer him an appropriate binder, he didn’t have much of a story arc besides being powerfully outed and his moms and dads declining him, and he got eliminated in a cars and truck mishap. In my viewpoint, his character seemed like it was composed for cis audiences.”


Degrassi: Next Class was likewise terrible when it concerned Tristan and Miles’ relationship, primarily due to the fact that Tristan drew as a character and he didn’t accept Miles being bisexual. Their characters and relationship were hazardous total.”

Kelly Martinez

14 An LGBTQ character composed magnificently: Robin from Stranger Things(2016– present)


” They picked the best time in the story to expose it without having Robin clearly state ‘I like women.’ The line where she states ‘I desired her to take a look at me’ did a great task at encapsulating what it seems like for a queer individual to have a crush on a straight individual. Having Steve not resemble, ‘I believe it’s so cool you’re gay!’ and in fact have him be peaceful and listen to her was really cool to see.”


15 An LGBTQ character composed terribly: Damian from Mean Girls(2004)

Paramount Pictures

” Damian from Mean Girls was done incorrect– yes, I understand he’s a fan preferred, however I dislike how they made ‘gay buddy’ his main characteristic. In the story, he was simply there to include comical relief and make Cady’s life more ‘fantastic’– he deserved his own intricacies.”


16 An LGBTQ character composed wonderfully: Micah Lee from The L Word: Generation Q(2019– present)


” I’ve constantly enjoyed Micah’s character and what he’s represented as an Asian transgender male, however my love for him increased in Season 2 as he redefined his sexual identity. He began the series as a freely gay male, however Season 2 saw him begin to establish sensations for his good friend’s sis. While he did date ladies pre-transition, he came to grips with his sensations towards a lady after coming out as a gay male. It was gorgeous to enjoy him accept this part of himself– sexuality is a spectrum, not a box we ought to put ourselves in.”

Kayla Harrington

17 Two LGBTQ characters composed badly: Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer(1997–2003)

The WB

” Willow and Tara’s whole relationship was simply composed badly. Off, eliminating Tara like that was definitely inappropriate and unneeded– all of the ‘bury your gays’ minutes were bad, and Tara was simply another example of that. And the pure bisexual erasure of Willow in relation to her love with Oz seemed like obscuring bisexuality as a whole. Her love with Oz felt as visceral and genuine as her relationship with Tara did, and it might have been an actually exceptional action for bisexuality as a whole … however it wasn’t.”


” Willow was drawn in to and in love with several males over the very first couple of seasons, had a healthy sex life with them, and after that all of a sudden ended up being a lesbian, to the point where she later on revealed that males repulsed her and she might just be with females. I liked the lesbian representation, and I understand for its time it was groundbreaking, however they did young bisexuals attempting to figure themselves out so unclean. That’s not even to point out the ‘bury your gays’ concern in the program.”

allisonh4f5a181 b3

18 An LGBTQ character composed magnificently: Ryan Wilder/Batwoman from Batwoman(2019–2022)

The CW

” The CW simply did LGBTQ representation filthy by canceling Batwoman, which had a Black lesbian superhero as its lead the previous 2 seasons in Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder.”


19 Two LGBTQ characters composed terribly: Blaine Anderson and Brittany Pierce from Glee(2009–2015)


” We all understand that Glee included some especially anti-bisexual stories– Kurt was an asshole to Blaine when he was questioning his sexuality. Brittany was bi and it freaked Santana out– that reveal did some wonderful things for their gay, lesbian, and trans audiences, however they stopped working to regard and portray bisexuality (which was truly frustrating).”


20 An LGBTQ character composed magnificently: Aki Menzies from Gossip Girl(2021– present)


” While the program has a tonnnnn of concerns, one story they’ve done especially well is Aki finding his sexuality and coming out. It’s unfortunate to state, however moms and dads outing their kids for their own gain is something that occurs typically– nevertheless, I enjoy that he defended himself versus his dad and his buddy being anti-gay. It’s absolutely a brighter minute in an otherwise MESSY program.”

Kayla Harrington

21 Two LGBTQ characters composed terribly: Idgie and Ruth from Fried Green Tomatoes(1991)

Universal Pictures

” I matured caring Fried Green Tomatoes, however never ever understood it was based upon a book. I was so mad when I lastly read it and learnt I had actually been robbed of a WLW relationship — I seemed like it was apparent in the film that Idgie enjoyed Ruth, however it would have been great to understand that the sensation was really interacted in a clear method.”


” The thing that REALLY troubled me about Fried Green Tomatoes was that the ladies were based upon genuine individuals– so, it felt rude to draw up their romantic relationship entirely.”

— Shelby Janice Kroah, Facebook

” The food battle scene in Fried Green Tomatoes was a metaphor for sex. Ruth’s child was, as in the book, offered the surname Threadgoode. The factor they didn’t acknowledge it in the motion picture was executive meddling– Ruth and Idgie were simply as in love with each other in the motion picture as they remained in the book.”


22 Two LGBTQ characters composed perfectly: Wil and Vivian from Saving Face(2004)

Sony Pictures Classics

” I believe Saving Face did an extraordinary task of browsing the intricacy of being out however declined, and yet still feeling committed to your household. The plot around Ma wasn’t something you ‘d normally anticipate to see in a motion picture, and assisted check out another side of ‘prohibited’ love.”


23 An LGBTQ character composed terribly: Hope Mikaelson from Legacies(2018– present)

The CW

” Hope’s been composed terribly on Legacies since they never ever enable her to explore her sexuality beyond one-liners, despite the fact that the star who plays her validated she’s bisexual. They’ve likewise done Josie filthy, too– they just offer her relationships that are hurried with definitely no advancement, and her love interests are constantly crossed out the program.”

Kelly Martinez

24 Two LGBTQ characters composed perfectly: Dani Clayton and Jamie Taylor from The Haunting of Bly Manor(2020)


” I’m going to choose Dani and Jamie from The Haunting of Bly Manor as composed magnificently– I valued the reality that Dani was a vibrant character who was not simply specified by something. Her coming-out story (and ultimate relationship with Jamie) were both exceptionally essential, however she had a story beyond that. A great deal of times, coming out winds up being the important things that specifies a character, however that wasn’t the case with Dani (or Jamie). And despite the fact that Dani passed away, her death had absolutely nothing to do with her sexuality– she wasn’t exterminated because of that.”


” Dani from The Haunting of Bly Manor was done completely– her relationship with Jamie hurt and sweet, and she was enabled to have a big character arc beyond her simply being queer.”

321 missmaximoff

25 Two LGBTQ characters composed badly: Nam Sook-hee/Maid and Izumi Hideko/Lady from The Handmaiden(2016)

CJ Entertainment

” The Handmaiden was so male gaze-y– it might have been an excellent chance to represent East Asian females as routine individuals rather of stereotyped sex things. It entirely catered that [straight] audience.”


26 And an LGBTQ character composed wonderfully: Therese from Carol(2015)


Carol did a dazzling task representing what it’s like to fall in queer love for the very first time through Therese’s character. The journey of Therese questioning her sexuality to feeling really sure and ‘never ever more awake in my life’ was a precise representation of numerous queer females– falling in love can be enjoyable, made complex, and significant all at the very same time, which’s what we translucented Therese’s eyes.

Plus, this is among couple of queer motion pictures where the primary characters really had a pleased ending, and I, for one, was eased to enjoy Therese and Carol still alive by the end of the film (without coming down with the ‘bury your gays’ trope).

Note: Some submissions have actually been modified for length and/or clearness.