Hannity: Woke far Left politics infiltrate sports and leisure

Hannity: Woke far Left politics infiltrate sports and leisure

FOX Data host Sean Hannity ripped the sports and leisure industries on Monday’s “Hannity” for changing into “divisive platforms” for the far-left agenda, claiming the left’s “holier than thou ideology” has become “inescapable” for People.

SEAN HANNITY: People are bored to death with being talked down to, having their values ridiculed, mocked and being lectured to. Elites in Hollywood, infamous professional athletes, other woke social justice warriors, now continuously ramming their political opinions into each aspect of your lifestyles. Motion photos, sitcoms, pro sports, the left’s holier than thou ideology, it’s now inescapable. The United States’s approved pastimes the NFL, the NBA, MLB, all sports that in case you suspect about it, whisper folk of all races, all backgrounds, all religions, all political parts of demand, strangers, high 5-ing every other, celebrating, commiserating collectively based on the esteem and built across the esteem of a shared ardour…

Now even sports are being feeble as a divisive platform for far-left talking parts. And People now are tuning out in droves. Other folks from you already know, when folk jog to an athletic tournament, don’t you’d like a destroy from the long-established on a regular basis stress of lifestyles, the rancor, the politics, the riots here, the riots there, the riots in each region. Other folks need a destroy and that brings folk collectively…  Final season’s NBA ratings were the bottom in ancient past. The politically charged finals that contains a extremely woke LeBron James averaged finest 7.5 million viewers. That is a 50 percent decline over the old 300 and sixty five days. The closing game of the sequence closing 300 and sixty five days garnered finest 5 point six million viewers. That’s it. That’s an all-time low… People are bored to death. They’re in downhearted health and bored with the ignorant lectures from this country’s pious celebrities…

And then there are the Academy Awards. 1998, no longer that long ago, greater than 55 million folk tuned in. 2014, a restful legitimate 43 million folk tuned in. 2021, now that the awards possess grew to become into one expansive far-left utter the assign self-obsessed celebrities berate the American folk and present them how one can mediate, effectively, now the viewership has fully bottomed out. Final night time’s numbers, ancient lows. I mean, in fact, in fact substandard. Final night time below 10 million viewers tuned in. That’s 58% lower than neutral correct closing 300 and sixty five days, a whopping 77%, lower than 2014. And naturally, this in fact is rarely in fact a monumental surprise.