GRS Hydrogen Solutions Registers with Morgan Stanley Shareworks

GRS Hydrogen Solutions Registers with Morgan Stanley Shareworks
GRS Hydrogen Solutions Registers with Morgan Stanley Shareworks

The maker of GL-15 renewable mobile hydrogen power generating systems, GRS Hydrogen, has announced its registration with Morgan Stanley Shareworks to sell its shares.  The deal between GRS Hydrogen and Morgan Stanley Shareworks is a significant move forward for GRS Hydrogen who is planning an IPO listing for the TSX in early 2022.  This company focused on the production of renewable and green energy as well as reducing pollution is an excellent play against climate change and a move toward a sustainable future.  

Hydrogen is the Future

GRS Hydrogen Solutions is certainly all in with hydrogen, one of the most important fuels for the future, and Morgan Stanley likely recognizes that.  Several car companies have tried their hand at making hydrogen-based autos but with limited results.  The idea is great; the byproduct of using hydrogen as a fuel is water; about as clean of a fuel as possible.  However, creating a reasonably priced hydrogen power plant that can move in an automobile form is proving tough.  GRS Hydrogen is taking a completely different route with the GL 15 power plant.  The GL-15 is a mobile system for localized power generation, GRS is also retrofitting the current generation of diesel fuel generators to make them Hydrogen fuel generators.  The GL-15 system is able to take seawater and convert it to hydrogen that is then used to run its power plants.  The added benefit is that the GRS Hydrogen GL-15 system is that it is also providing fresh drinking water as a byproduct.  This system is ideal for stranded islands and industrial applications that have traditionally needed self-power generation like mining and drilling.  

GRS Hydrogen is not only creating power from sea water and hydrogen but also moving further up the supply chain; they are designing Auto, Marine, Aviation, and Aerospace hydrogen fueling stations to move the globe away from fossil fuels.  These designs are not just pipe dreams, GRS Hydrogen is currently providing the world’s first genuinely green-powered marina in the Bahamas with more innovative power solutions to come.

GRS Hydrogen’s Dual Approach

In order to fund some of their projects, GRS Hydrogen Solutions also has a two-pronged approach o work with the current fossil fuel to electricity users.  This added benefit is likely another attractive feature for Morgan Stanly and its Shareworks group.  GRS Hydrogen first provides Blue Hydrogen solutions with its emission reduction and elimination solutions, using gas recapture technology.  Companies burning fossil fuels can turn waste gas into profit with GRS Hydrogen Solutions’ waste gas offtake technology.  Recapture is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint and make a company’s fuel usage even more efficient.  The gas recapture systems also get GRS Hydrogen in the door for future sales when equipment needs to eventually be replaced.  

GRS Hydrogen recognizes the importance of the current amount of natural gas (LNG) that is being used for power generation.  LNG is a fossil fuel that “burns clean,” producing little smoke; however, the byproducts are still not good for the environment and atmosphere.  GRS Hydrogen has also developed a system that is meant to help with the pre-transition.  It allows a more sustainable fuel converting LNG to even cleaner-burning Ethanol, which can be used for more applications such as an additive to gasoline reducing its pollution.  

Green Crypto Mining

At the same time, another market that GRS is going after is crypto mining.  Crypto mining is notorious for the electrical use it requires.  GRS plans to provide computer data centers, especially those focused on Crypto mining, with renewable clean power sources for their operations.  One avenue regulators might take to limit the influence of cryptos is through its use of power; having crypto mining that relies on cheap power, and green energy may be a strength for a company that adopts it in this highly competitive tech space. 

Because these are completely new systems for distant locations, the local knowledge for their use might be limited.  Therefore, GRS Hydrogen has developed relationships with Ex Suncor Energy management.  This means that their systems can be provided with full-service maintenance and management solutions.  Additionally, GRS Hydrogen has a system of self-sufficient training programs for operational management and safety.  

Finally, GRS Hydrogen has financial partners allowing for companies that are interested in building and using GRS Hydrogen’s systems to finance their projects, assuming there is a qualified offtake energy agreement.  This financing system removes some of the concerns that a potential buyer may have about the costs of purchasing or transitioning from their legacy energy systems to a new clean power-producing system.   

GRS Hydrogen Solutions and Morgan Stanley

The choice for GRS Hydrogen to seek a relationship with Morgan Stanley to sell their shares is a good one.  Morgan Stanley Shareworks is a Canadian-based software as a service company that was originally named Solium Capital.  GRS Hydrogen chose to work with Morgan Stanley because of its strong reputation as an investment bank, and with Morgan Stanley’s acquisition of Shareworks, GRS Hydrogen knew that the reach to global, but especially, Morgan Stanley’s Canadian clientele was extensive.  With a TSX listing, this client reach will be important to ensure any private placement, and ultimately the company’s IPO success.  

When looking at the products and services offered through GRS Hydrogen Solutions, we can see that they are putting themselves in the center of a clean future for the earth’s power needs and providing a well-thought-out solution.  They have broken down the production of energy from hydrogen into component parts, defining their target user base who can most benefit from the systems, providing the company with low-hanging fruit for its success.  GRS Hydrogen has created a robust pathway for this strategic pool of clients to either smoothly shift to or build from the ground up a power production capacity with hydrogen as its fuel that is ultimately both clean and sustainable for the future.  Their new relationship with Morgan Stanley Shareworks will give GRS Hydrogen Solutions the exposure they need to find pre-IPO and IPO funding for their intended TSX listing.