Alec Hogg’s Inbox: Rely on the IEC not remedy for attaining totally free & reasonable elections

Alec Hogg’s Inbox: Rely on the IEC not remedy for attaining totally free & reasonable elections

With the furore around the Independent Electoral Commission’s viewed absence of neutrality, a note from Robin Carlisle has significance (he signs off as formerly PFP/DP/DA MPL, MP, MLA and MEC)/ Robin composed:

Rely On the IEC is not the remedy for accomplishing complimentary and reasonable elections Openness and the close participation of the completing celebrations in the election established; the scrutinising of the ballot procedure and the tracking of the vote count are the essence of accomplishing a reasonable outcome appropriate to the celebrations.

I was included as a celebration authorities in every nationwide and local election from 1994 to 2016, generally however not solely in the Cape. There were periodic efforts to ‘prepare’ turnout or outcomes, however they were quickly exposed. Our systems are extremely transparent and count on the completing celebrations to do the tracking, which is constantly the very best method.

I believe that every election from 1999 to date was considerably totally free and reasonable. Possibly this might have been due to the fact that the ANC felt great of winning.

Free and reasonable elections in addition to corruption were the only ANC successes in the last 25 years. Strange, however really South African.

Intriguing insights in the note from Stan Bridgens, who invested a lots years as CEO of the SA Institute of Electrical Engineers. His e-mail checks out:

When I browse and see the degeneration of the electrical and roadway facilities, I feel ill.

A few days ago I occurred to speak with 2 electrical employees from City Power and I revealed them the careless work done on a pole near my home. They are likewise disappointed and in their reaction they informed me that all this work is being done by specialists and no evaluation or quality assurance is worked out prior to payment for the work is made. They seemed defenseless in correcting the careless work. Pride in one’s operate in the services is extinct!

When I was a Circulation Engineer accountable for about 50%of JHB supply, my enthusiasm was to offer constant electrical energy supply. The standard was that a customer might anticipate 2 hours disturbance of supply per year and repair of supply within 2 hours of a significant fault in main JHB. This level of supply is likewise extinct.

Therefore I attempt to avoid making remarks or approaching the authorities. The reaction upsets my day– in some cases weeks.

Here’s marketing expert Heidi Flint’s contribution to the Covid argument. She composed:

Thank you for all the vaccine details and the argument on how it is affecting our lives.

The girl who works for me stated that lastly we have just 2 views and all the race cards are out the window. The joke in her household is that a person side (who have actually immunized) are awaiting the non immunized to pass away, and the opposite (non immunized and are not planning to) are waiting on the immunized to pass away!

They are a big Zimbabwean household here in South Africa and have various beliefs to what is best and what is incorrect with an extremely strong view that this is control and unfair, which the powers that be i.e. federal government really currently understand the number of versions are coming and will keep managing and locking us down till they feel they are controling us (the sheep).

I have actually likewise personally discovered (as I am not immunized yet) that I get extremely strong views from family and friends alike around what I must do. I discover this intriguing as never ever prior to have individuals cared or possibly even interfered around what I do and what I do not finish with my body and health. I have even been informed “that I am affecting them and their lives” and have questioned how I’m doing this– i.e. am I a very spreader?

What is much more fascinating is that prior to vaccinations were offered much of them were not cautious and felt even rogue in their behaviour, and now they appear to bring this elitist card called “immunized”. I am now investing my days checking out as much as I can on it to get a view so am extremely grateful for your insights. I have actually not had the influenza vaccine, not the phenomena vaccine, and have not truly felt that I require to take this one either. I am not an anti-vaxx as I have actually had others as a kid. I simply feel that I do not wish to put this into my body today! Maybe I will when required, however for now I’m masking and sanitising up and bewaring as typical.

I likewise discovered this fascinating, as I would actually like more information on who are the spreaders and who are not. My basic understanding is that with Influenza, Phenomena and for that reason I make certain Covid, we are all prone and all spreading it.

It is nevertheless like our actions with influenza, etc, that we can decide how we secure ourselves or how we take care of our bodies and secure our natural resistance.

I still feel quite in the dark, and I believe my most significant battle is breaking the standard, and maybe this will assist me, and others, withstand other “standards” that require to be broken or altered in society! -1? _ id= NATURE-20210819 & sap-outbound-id =-LRB- E66 FA654 A49488 BFEA6B1A05 B548 EA1C423 E9

Thank you for listening to my rambles, as it is a location that I make certain lots of other people are feeling unheard.

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