Alec Hogg’s Inbox: Magnus Heystek’s straight-shooting technique extensively valued

Alec Hogg’s Inbox: Magnus Heystek’s straight-shooting technique extensively valued

My buddy Magnus Heystek was a terrific success at the BizNews Financial Investment Conference today– as we believed he would be. Magnus’s straight shooting, take-no-prisoners technique is extensively valued. Especially by those with logical minds. Like Graham Nelson who composed:

In the next number of years I am going to be moneying in my overseas financial investments. I thankfully invested offshore due to the fact that I ‘d asked Magnus Heystek for suggestions a couple of years earlier.

When I do bring the funds back I’ll be responsible for capital gains tax.

I believe we ought to be paying tax on the US$ development instead of the transformed Rand development due to the fact that first of all the financial investments Rand development is an incorrect development. The Rand’s decline is federal government’s fault.

Why should we be paying tax on the Rand’s slide triggered by their incompetence?

Why? On a more favorable note, moved South African David Mordant sent out these ideas from Canada:

A possible short-term response (that might end up being long term) to RSA’s joblessness issue is for each and every company in South Africa to use several staff members than they in fact presently need, numbers to be set on a moving scale based on business’s existing work numbers. Time for the economic sector to assist ease another prospective powder keg.

Neighborhood member David Thornton, who sent us the outstanding Dostoevsky GIF previously in the week followed up with this intriguing e-mail. He composed:

Maybe you might welcome somebody to ‘describe’ the horrendous rates we spend for medication in this nation. My own fast example, based upon rates paid this year.

Triptan migraine medication. In Cape Town my medical professional has a little drug store on website. For 6 tablets (ses in Afrikaans) I paid simply over R400 On a repeat prescription at a Clicks drug store I paid over R500

Nevertheless in Paris, France presently sharing position with Singapore and Hong Kong of the most costly city in the world I paid the Rand-Euro comparable rate of R1450 for SIXTY tablets. (Once again sestig in Afrikaans.)

How can this be?

I am brand-new to these rates having actually taken pleasure in ‘difficulty totally free motoring’ previously. In a word, I was dumfounded when faced with the regional rates. We make medications here, albeit on some items under licence. If we were importing them entire, so to speak, and as I have actually seen in some other nations on the continent I might discover some understanding for such rates. Not here.

I am quite specific I am not alone in this scenario.

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