AAG Tailored Cutting Solutions

AAG Tailored Cutting Solutions

AAG Tailored Cutting Solutions is the biggest Canadian-owned manufacturer of CNC cutting services. “In layperson’s terms, we make the tools that you would utilize to cut anything from a soft foam all the method to titanium and whatever in between,” describes Luke Hansen-MacDonald, the president of business, which is headquartered in Burlington, Ont.

AAG deals with a wide range of markets, which suggests the cutting options it offers differ. “The desk utilized on Sportsnet for the Super Bowl was made on our routers, and elements that enter into U.S. fighter jets are made on our water jets,” states Hansen-MacDonald. The business offered a water jet to NASA last year.

AAG has the ability to serve this variety of consumers due to the fact that it creates its services to be modular, providing limitless possibilities for personalization. “We can quickly and dependably develop a setup that specifies to whatever you’re attempting to achieve,” states Hansen-MacDonald, keeping in mind the business produces whatever in The United States and Canada, enabling it to be versatile.

There’s likewise the truth that AAG– formed when Ontario-based AXYZ CNC Routers and Ohio-based WardJet were brought under the exact same roofing system in 2018– can contact 30 years of experience. “We have a big quantity of bench strength in market proficiency,” states Hansen-MacDonald, who came on board a couple of years back. “Our task is to support our consumers so they can get the output we offered them that tool for.”

When the pandemic hit, AAG discovered itself assisting customers who had actually formerly been, state, making indications for retail services retool their assembly line to make PPE almost over night. “Our devices were utilized for whatever from masks to health center beds. We even had a letter from the Pentagon informing us that we needed to get them a device as rapidly as possible,” remembers Hansen-MacDonald. “I’m so happy with my group for keeping our factory running and heading out in the field and supporting our clients.” The business likewise released an online forum called Fabricators Combating COVID, which permits individuals in the market to share concepts. “It empowered a great deal of producers out there to state ‘Okay, my service is down, however I have the devices to assist my regional retirement community or keep the economy moving.'” As an outcome, countless pieces of PPE were produced on AAG devices.

Seeking to the future, the business has a record variety of brand-new items coming out and is investing greatly in its 250- individual group. “We didn’t decrease through COVID,” states Hansen-MacDonald, who means cloud-integrated clever tools to come quickly. “We took it as a chance to concentrate on making ourselves much better and creating brand-new options for our clients.”