39 Things To Help You Solve The (Few) Annoying Things About Your Pet

39 Things To Help You Solve The (Few) Annoying Things About Your Pet

Say goodbye to stinky litter boxes, dirty paws, endless shedding, and more pesky pet problems thanks to these products.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A car seat cover if you’re sick and tired of vacuuming up clumps of your dog’s shedded fur after every car ride. It’s also water- and stain-resistant, so it’ll protect your car seats from any messes your dog might track in.


Promising review: “We love these! We have bought two for the front and one big one for the back of my hubby’s Subaru to save it from the mounds of Bernese Mt Dog fur that builds up. Also, our dogs can chew their frozen peanut butter bones on them and we can just throw the covers in the wash. The color is very nice – a light warm tan/khaki/beige with orange trim – true to the pictures. The pockets and seat belt holes are great! Sizing is perfect and they were super easy to install with very clear pictorial instructions. My hubby and our doggies are happy! Win-win!” –Genevieve L. Hannon

Get it from Amazon for $48.94+ (available in two sizes and seven colors).


A cat scratcher board to keep your cat occupied so they can finally stop clawing at your poor couch and coffee table.


Promising review: “I have six cats and we use these corrugated cardboard scratchers to keep them from scratching the furniture. When I saw the price of this one, I was skeptical because they are usually much more expensive but I ordered two anyway. It also comes with a small packet of catnip. You sprinkle the catnip onto the scratcher to entice your cat and it does work. My cats took to it immediately. You can also turn it over when your cat destroys one side so you really get twice the use.” –Terry

Get it from Amazon for $5.86.


A grooming slicker brush that removes those pesky mats and tangles in your pet’s fur and leaves behind a shiny, healthy coat. The easy-to-grip brush reduces pressure on your pet’s fur so they might actually look forward to getting brushed.

Amazon, amazon.com

This brush is intended for curly, medium, and long coats.

Promising review: “Using for our 85-lb oh-so-shaggy goldendoodle. It has changed our lives for the better! No more mats with the regular upkeep and it will save us from having to take him to the groomers and ending up with a shorn pup. Definitely a great purchase for those with shaggy or blended coat type breeds. My fellow doodle owners will understand!” –R. Langshaw-Simon

Get it from Amazon for $16.98.


A cat window perch perfect for kitties who are constantly climbing on top of furniture and knocking things down with their tails just so they can bask in the one ray of sunlight that’s coming from the windows. Now they can get prime real estate for sunbathing whenever they want!


Promising review: “My cats love this window seat. Very easy to install. Both my large cats can lay on this together. Very sturdy and I love that it folds to the window so the blinds can close. I’m a pet sitter and this is absolutely all the kitties favorite seat in the house! Will absolutely be buying again!” —Window

Get it from Chewy for $24.95.


A set of can covers if your pet only eats, say, half of what’s in the can and you end up throwing out the rest. Thanks to these covers, you can serve them the exact serving you know they’ll eat, and then save the rest for the next feeding time!


Promising review: “What can I say? This is a can cover, it’s definitely better and more sustainable than a tinfoil cover so it was a good investment. Buy this one if you need a good cover.” —Chewy Reviewer

Get a set of two from Chewy for $7.51.


A slow feeder dog bowl to keep your fast-eating pup from gobbling down all their food in five seconds flat. The intricate design forces them to slow down, therefore preventing that unwanted bloating, gas, and vomiting that comes with fast eating.


Promising review: “These dog bowls are amazing! I got three different shapes so I could switch them out to keep eating a challenge which is good mental stimulation for dogs. This completely solved the eating too fast problem. Both dogs adapted easily to using them. These were well worth the money. These bowls do make them drool more when eating but I just throw them in the dishwasher regularly and that takes care of the cleaning.” –Rachel

Get it from Amazon for $11.46+ (available in three sizes and six designs).


A bag of PrettyLitter cat litter reviewers say controls odor better than any other brand they’ve tried. The litter also changes color to indicated any health problems, so you can know when to take your cat to the vet before any issue gets too bad.


Promising review: “PrettyLitter really does work! I have two cats and I clean my cat’s litter boxes daily by scooping out the poop and the sometimes clumped urine and stir the remaining litter. I don’t have any odor and it lasts nearly a month — a few less days for the litter box that my boys use most. I’ve finally found my litter favorite litter!” —Lea

Get an 8-pound bag from Target for $24.99


A nail file board for the dog who refuses to get their nails trimmed the traditional way. This is basically one giant emery board that will keep your dog’s nails at a normal, healthy length. Plus: if your dog likes to scratch at your furniture, they can go wild on this instead of your couch!

ScratchPad for Dogs / Etsy

ScratchPad for Dogs is the Atlanta-based small business that created this genius pet product.

Promising review: “Love this scratch pad! We adopted our dog almost a year ago, and he’s been terrified of clippers and grinders since day one. We’ve never been able to maintain his nails due to his super-reactive anxiety around nail care. That’s all changed since we got the ScratchPad a few weeks ago! He took to it right away, and his nails have shown significant improvement in just a few sessions!” —Kira Armajani

Get it from ScratchPad for Dogs on Etsy for $42.95+ (available in two styles and three grit levels).


A pack of Greenies natural dental treats with a toothbrush-like shape that actually cleans the gum line, which fights plaque and tartar. Meaning the next time your dog comes up to your face, they won’t knock you out with their bad breath.


Promising review: “I used to give my German shepherd greenies rarely, just when she had dog breath from eating god knows what on her walk. They are expensive, and so I saw no reason to give them to her every day. But as she got older, her teeth became stained, and she really hates it when I brush her teeth. I can do it, but it is always a struggle. So last year, I started giving her one greenie every day, and the stains have mostly disappeared from her teeth. An older dog’s quality of life can be very much affected by tooth decay, so I am glad to have found that Greenies work so well to clean her teeth.” —mvd

Get a pack of 36 treats from Amazon for $33.98 (other quantities available).


A set of waterproof dog booties to keep your dog’s paws from getting damaged due to rough surfaces, hot pavement, or sharp thorns. With these on, your dog can roam free and you can relax knowing they’re protected.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “Awesome booties. These babies stay on. She runs, jumps and does everything she normally does except, she can’t scratch if needed. (Just gonna have to wait, that’s all.) Bought a size 6 for my 50-lb. girl Pitty. She’s small but solid. Live in NW ‘burbs of Chicago. We walk a couple of miles a day. Our neighborhood has no side walks. When it sleets or snows, road salt is an issue. As most dogs do, she likes to off road it, so it’s in the snow, on the street, repeat. These keep her paws from getting packed up with snow and salt. Initially, it’s kind of a hassle getting them on, but it gets easier. If you buy them, put them on your dog in the house and let figure them out. And strap ’em down good.” –earshplitten

Get it from Amazon for $28.99 (available in seven sizes and six colors).


A dog and cat automatic feeder that you can preprogram to dispense food throughout the day in case you always work long, unpredictable hours. Reviewers says that this automatic feeder is impossible to break into, so you don’t have to worry about your pet overeating during the day.


Promising review: “My cat is a little chubby would wake the whole house in the morning, and bully people in the house to be fed in the afternoon. This feeder has helped him disassociate his feeding with people, so that he is less of a jerk. He now takes a nap or just waits within earshot of the feeder when hungry. It did take him a bit to get over the motor noise when he first heard the tray rotate. This made him tentative when first approaching the bowl, but he got over it after a while.” –John Soukup

Get it from Amazon for $49.94.


Or this microchip pet feeder that only opens when your cat with the assigned microchip approaches. This is great if you have a multi-cat household and one cat likes to be a jerk and steal food from the other.


Promising review: “At first, I thought these were a little overpriced. After all, it’s a cat food feeder, right? Turns out, after a week of use, these are worth every penny. I have three cats. One is a diabetic and I just learned that one is starting to have kidney problems. Food for these two situations is completely different. The diabetic can’t eat the renal food, and the one with the kidney issues can’t eat the diabetic food. These feeders work well and seem sturdy. Most of all, they allow me the peace of mind to know who is eating what without having to stand over the three of them all the time. As all of you know, that’s an impossibility, especially when the cats like to graze and you have to go to work.” –Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $149.99.


A pet travel bag because, like babies, pets require SO much stuff during travel. Designed specifically to be a carry-on bag, you can fit all their food, water, toys, and anything else you’ll need for your four-legged friend on the go.

Chewy, Luna / Chewy

Promising review: “This bag is perfect for traveling with my 70-pound husky. Lots of storage space for food, leashes, and other necessities. The storage containers are a good size and nicely made, and I especially love the silicon bowls that come with the bag.” —huskymama

Get it from Chewy for $41+ (available in two sizes and four colors).


A packet of peanut butter-flavored Greenies Pill Pockets with enough room to hide large capsules when it’s time to give them their medicine. Yes, your dog is adorable, but they’re also super easy to trick!


Promising review: “We have been using these for several years. Simply mold one around the tablet or capsule and our dogs (3) will gobble them down without noticing they are taking medicine. They are very moist and malleable but not greasy. Can’t personally attest to their flavor, but they have our dog’s seal of approval. Be sure to seal them well as they will otherwise dry out a bit making them susceptible to slight crumbling. The capsule size have sufficiently encased/disguised every size pill or capsule our dogs have been prescribed.” –EMH

Get it from Amazon for $7.98+ (available in two package sizes).


A pack of matatabi chew sticks if your cat is constantly scratching up your furniture and you’re looking for an outlet for all their energy. Matatabi is a plant native to Japan and is actually an alternative to catnip, so if your cat is stubborn and shows no interest in catnip, this might finally be the way to distract them from clawing away at every surface of your house.


MeowyJanes is a wonderfully named small business based in New Egypt, New Jersey. It specializes in catnip and catnip alternatives.

Promising review:  “I have two young Siamese mix cats that chew wires, shoes, wooden spoons. These chew sticks are perfect for them. They sniff the sticks, rub on them, and then start chewing. My two cats that are over 10 years old just rub on them but don’t enjoy chewing them. If you have a very active cat that does destructive chewing, these are a great substitute.” —JEM4612

Get them from Amazon for $9.97.


A packet of ear wipes designed to get all the gunk that builds up in your dog’s ears, which will help prevent them from getting infected.


Promising review: “We ordered these ear wipes to help clean our golden retriever’s ears; these were so nice for her ears! I really think the aloe and eucalyptus was very soothing because she scratched her ear open and had some minor open cuts from an ear infection that she had. Not only do they smell fresh and soothing, but they really cleaned her ear very well and I could tell that she feels so much better after I clean them. This is definitely a great product and I recommend to keep this on hand to keep your dog’s ears nice and clean.” –Luis n Dee

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.


A playpen for cats or small animals like bunnies and chinchillas who love getting some fresh air but also love running off. Now they can enjoy the great outdoors without you worrying they’ll get lost or get into something they aren’t supposed to.

Chewy, Rhonda/Chewy

Promising review: “My cats love being able to go outside and I love that they are safe. I wasn’t sure about how the mesh would work with nails but my older cat scratched at the door the first couple of times and wasn’t able to make a hole. They can’t wait to go out in the morning. I added a little cat nip inside for them. Easy to assemble.” —Good

Get it from Chewy for $79.95.


A box of extra-large dog poop bags from Earth Rated in case your dog leaves behind A LOT to clean up. These strong and thick bags make picking up your dog’s mess as pleasant as possible.

amazon.com, Amazon

Promising review: “The selling point to these bags is the size. I have a golden retriever who well… leaves mammoth-sized gifts and I live in an apartment and I am a responsible dog owner so I purchase these. Actually just purchased my second box yesterday. I love these bags. I went through several varieties before I discovered these and they are well worth the cost.” –xayekim

Get a roll of 225 bags from Amazon for $11.99 (available in lavender-scented or unscented).


An aquarium fish tank glass scraper that scrubs off all that built-up algae in between tank cleanings. It has a magnetic handle that you operate from outside the tank, so your hand stays dry and clean.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “Love this handy little gadget! Great magnetic gadget that cleans the tank very well! It does take a couple of passes but our tank is sparkly clear now! I bought the smaller size and it works perfectly for our 150-gallon tank. I turned the job over to my teenage daughter and she pulled up a chair and went to work! She really looked like she was enjoying herself!” –Veronica Hatton

Get it from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in three sizes).


A waterproof treat pouch if your dog basically needs a treat to do ANYTHING (we get it — we’re also motivated by food). Now you can keep tons of treats on your body so you can reward your good boy or girl when they complete a command correctly.


It also features multiple clips and loops, so you can easily attach it to your backpack, waist, or leash while walking.

Promising review: “Was just what I needed for my nine month Pomeranian to start her first class in puppy school. I am 67 years old, and hands and coordination are difficult when holding the leash and getting Kiwi to train and getting treats ready for reward quickly. This holds phone and keys out of the way, and opens and closes easily too. Very well-made and strong.” —Darleene

Get it from Chewy for $15.95 (available in three colors)


An adjustable dog harness if your dog tends to pull and tug on their leash whenever you take them for a walk. This will keep them from choking themselves and it’ll make controlling your dog on walks so much easier.


Promising review: “We bought this harness for our two Boston Terriers. They were driving us crazy with all of the pulling and we are older and worried about t getting hurt. We had harnesses but they were not helping anything. We decided to try Rabbitgoo and it has made a huge difference! They barely pull anymore and we have so much more control. The Rabbitgoo harnesses have totally changed how our dogs walk. We are not worried about falling anymore because there is no more struggling to control the dogs. We saw a change immediately. I would recommend these harnesses to anyone wanting to end the constant pulling.” –Melinda J. Simons

Get it from Amazon for $15.28+ (available in four sizes and 14 colors).


A windbreaker for the pup who refuses to go outside for a walk if it’s extra blustery and cold outside. Bonus: it has a little pocket on the back for holding their poop bags!

Modern Beast

This is especially helpful for short-haired dogs who get cold easily!

Modern Beast is a woman-owned small business based in Los Angeles. Their pet products are all made in the USA, and 100% of profits go to 501c3 animal charities.

Get it from Modern Beast for $45 (available in sizes M-2XL and two colors).


A pack of Nature’s Miracle litter box scrubbing wipes that effectively gets off all that caked-on debris and eliminates any lingering odor. Cleaning your cat’s litter box is never pleasant, but these wipes make the experience a little less grody.


Promising review: “If you are looking to save yourself time while cleaning up after your cats, these wipes may impress you. We have two litter boxes to clean and after I dump out the litter into black garbage bags, I use these wipes to clean the inside of the litter boxes. It takes three wipes per box to do the job. They are also the giant sized litter boxes so you may need less wipes for smaller ones. I noticed that they left no scent on the boxes and actually seemed to neutralize odor very well. Cats can be very sensitive to scents in their boxes so I’m glad these work as promised. Happy cats! Happy me! Less work for sure!” –The Rebecca Review

Get it from Amazon for $5.05.


And a cat litter scoop with an extra-large bowl design so you get out as many turds as possible with each scoop. The oversized holes allow litter to sift out while keeping all that gross stuff in the scoop so you can throw it out easily.


Promising review: “I never thought I’d be leaving feedback on something like a litter scoop, but I really am happy with this purchase. I had purchased some OkoCat litter (the paper pellet, non-clumping kind) and I quickly discovered my standard kitty scoop was too small to properly let the pellets through. So, after trying unsuccessfully to find a larger scoop in town I tried this one. I have to agree, even seeing the measurements, it simply doesn’t prepare you for the behemoth that is this scoop. I feel like I could fit a quarter of the entire litter pan into the bowl if it were solid. But, the wide circular holes are absolutely perfect for letting the large litter through while keeping the poop contained. Occasionally a really small turd might slip through, but I can usually just catch it and roll it against the side of the scoop for disposal.” –CasualOtaku

Get it from Amazon for $4.39+ (available in three colors).


A bottle of stain-and-odor eliminator that you should always have on hand in case your massive four-legged friend leaves a massive mess on the carpet.


Promising review: “We have three large dogs, and our house is constantly either full of fur, dog toys, mysterious puddles, vomit from yesterday’s trash excavation, or your bi-monthly bout of explosive diarrhea. If you’re hesitant on the price, which I was at first, your desperation to remove your carpet of brown and yellow spots will be rewarded by giving this a try. When I tell you this stuff is MAGIC IN A BOTTLE, I’m not exaggerating. Vomit, urine, diarrhea, butt juice. I know what you’re thinking…’What the hell kinda dogs do they own?!’ R & R got all of it out of the carpet. I’ll say it again…MAGIC IN A BOTTLE. $20 for magic? Do it. We will never buy another product again for as long as we both shall live. Or at least as long as we have carpet.” –Benjamin Poon

Get it from Amazon for $19.94.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “OMG! I love this thing. Why didn’t I replace my 15-year-old vacuum cleaner years ago? This Bissell cleaned my bedroom carpet in one cleaning. I have a Boxer dog, and while she does not shed a ton of hair, the Bissell sucked up five times more hair than my previous Eureka. My carpet looks new again. I can’t believe it. I love that it has no bags. Saves money. Easy to remove and dump in the trash. I like the longer-than-normal extension cord. The swivel is a great feature to get into corners and hard-to-get places. It comes with about five different attachments for sofas, corners, walls. Great price. Great product. Highly recommend!” –Eugene Choo

Get it from Amazon for $118.44.


A packet of plant-based compostable dog wipes to keep your dog fresh and clean in between washes. They’re great for cleaning up muddy paws, crusty faces, or dirty bums.


Promising review: “OK, so it might be a bit much to say that I’m ‘obsessed’ with dog wipes, right? Wrong, they are just that good. I’ve tried so many dog wipes but none compare to these. The wipes are extra damp (and stay that way even after opening) which means one wipe goes a long way. They also smell great, have a thick feel, and are hypoallergenic. I have a dog who has sensitive skin and we use these wipes after walks to get rid of allergies. Game-changer. Try them out. You won’t be disappointed!” –I Only Shop Online

Get a pack of 100 wipes from Amazon for $8.99 (available in lavender or unscented).


An elevated dog bed if your dog insists on staying outside, even during hot days. The elevated bed promotes better airflow, which keeps them cool in the heat.


Promising review: “I purchased my first Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed over six years ago for my 50-pound soft-coated Wheaten (purchased the Medium size). This bed has LASTED! I’ve been impressed and am purchasing two more for both of my dogs. Firstly, I’ll add that I live in sunny Arizona, and most things DO NOT last in the hot/dry Arizona climate. This bed has completely STOOD UP to the long-term test. I have been extremely impressed and surprised with how well the material has held up through the last six years. There is a bit of sagging and rusting, but its lasted six years in the rain and heat! No rips from dog nails, and he uses it as a step up to his dog door (which he runs in and out of). My dog LOVES sitting in this bed as it keeps him off the warmer ground and allows air to flow above and below him. He especially loves it on colder evenings when the wind is blowing.” –TP

Get it from Amazon for $20.99+ (available in three sizes and six colors).


A treat-dispensing toy especially great for pups who get bored with regular toys easily and need something more stimulating to get all their energy out. The unique design causes the toy to bounce around and roll as your dog moves it around, and they’ll love how satisfying it is when a piece of kibble pops out!


The toy balls interlock so you can attach them for bigger dogs and to keep playtime fresh.

Up Dog Toys is a family-founded small business that creates design-driven, functional pet products.

Get it from Up Dog Toys for $22.95 (available in two colors).


A dog life jacket for the water-loving dog in your life that will jump into any body of water the moment they see it…but don’t actually know how to swim that well. Now they can swim safely and you don’t have to worry about jumping in after them to save them.

AshleyJ/Chewy, Amypug/Chewy

Promising review: “My dog LOVES the water, and we have been wanting to get her a life jacket for a while. This jacket is perfect for my Smarty. She stays floating when she’s just swimming and even when she’s attacking the water. Also the neck thingy is perfect and keeps her mouth up and out of the water when swimming. It helped her stay in the water longer as she got way less tired. Also the two back straps were exactly what I didn’t know we needed! We could grab her so much easier and pull her out (something she hates and fights every time). If you have a water loving dog I HIGHLY recommend this life jacket!” —MollyKillers

Get it from Chewy for $17.99+ (available in sizes XS—XL)


A pet odor eliminator candle that keeps your house smelling fresh, even if you have a multi-pet household with stinky litter boxes and musty dog beds. People won’t even know you have pets when they first walk into your house!


Promising review: “We are foster parents to a LOT of kittens, and while we wait for them to find their forever homes, even though we clean the litter twice daily, things can get smelly. I was certainly skeptical about this candle because all the reviews heralded it as some sort of miracle product. But it totally is. The first night I came home that it had been delivered, my partner had lit it and I walked into a house that DID NOT SMELL LIKE CAT despite there being eleven kittens actively everywhere. Poop smell – gone. Kitten fart smell – GONE. General messy kitten smell – GONE. We like keeping our house clean and safe for the little ones in our care, and this helps us feel a little more sane while we take care of our own cats, and take care of the ones still looking for their families.” –Elizabeth Lincoln

Get it from Amazon for $21.99 (available in 27 scents).


A birdcage skirt because nothing’s worse than finding loose birdseed around the cage and on the floor. Bonus: because it’s sheer, light will still stream into the cage, which will keep your birdy happy and healthy.

Chewy, Clarissa/Chewy

Promising review: “I love the net! It keeps a lot of seed and debris off the floor and, when our four zebra finches bathe, it even blocks the water! I wish I would have made this purchase long ago, especially when we had 12 birds!” —pets4michelle

Get it from Chewy for $10.99 (available in five colors and four sizes)


A tube of wrinkle balm (yes, wrinkle balm!) to apply in your dog’s skin folds to prevent infection and irritation. Shar-Peis everywhere are rejoicing.


Promising review: This stuff is da bomb! I have a 12-year-old pug who gets really nasty face wrinkles that stink and need to be cleaned daily. I have tried literally everything possible to help her and get on top of this problem. I ordered this little sample on a whim, trying to fill my order to get free shipping. So glad I did! Finally something that actually works, and after just the first day! No more gunk and stink and her wrinkle skin is not raw or itching her either. She still is not fond of me applying it, but that is probably a conditioned response to all the traumatic wiping done in the past unfortunately.” –mdm

Get it from Amazon for $5.95+ (available in two sizes).


A two-pack of washable leakproof pee pads anyone with a puppy in the house will appreciate. Keep these pads in their crate or play area when they’re in the process of being potty trained to easily soak up any accidents.


Promising review: “Our pup has Cushings and IBD, and between those two issues and her medications, she has a lot of accidents (not her fault!). She uses these pee pads — we have two down, always — at least twice a day, no matter how often we take her out. We wash them after every use. Since we bought them I estimate these have been through the wash about 60 times or more. They work wonderfully, haven’t fallen apart, and they are large enough to prevent any spill over. Saved our carpets and floors and allowed us to sleep through the night and not take her out at 3 a.m.”KLee

Get it from Chewy for $15+ (available in four sizes).


A dog bed with a waterproof inner layer so even if your dog has an accident while on it, the inside cushion is protected. The outer cover can be removed and is machine-washable, making cleanup a breeze.


Promising review: “I did wait 72 hours to let the bed decompress completely. Also test if it was waterproof, and the fleece cover absorbed a bit, but the protector underneath make it completely waterproof. My doggie loved it and for me is super convenient because it is not just waterproof, but also is machine washable. My dog sheds a lot of hair and the bed makes so easy to clean since it doesn’t have nooks. Totally recommended.” –Jessica Pruneda

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in three sizes and two colors).


Or a hexagon-shaped dog bed that will hold up against your dog’s sharp chompers and nails thanks to an exterior made from a strong canvas fabric. It also has super-fluffy side cushions for your dog to snuggle up against to get the most comfortable sleep of their life.

Velvet Hippo


A ball launcher if your dog loves to play fetch for hours and hours on end. Thanks to the handle, you can launch the ball farther, meaning you can rest your arm a little longer.

amazon.com, Amazon

Promising review: “Boy howdy can you launch a ball with this thing!!! We have a 6-month-old black lab puppy and he absolutely loves chasing tennis balls! Thankfully he brings it right back to us so we don’t have to chase him down in order to throw another one. Getting my dog his daily exercise has never been easier! It is so nice that the regular size tennis balls work with this and they don’t require their own special size ball.” –Blue Eyes

Get it from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in five lengths).


A paw cleaner to prevent your floor from being covered in muddy footprints when your dog comes inside. All you have to do is add water, and the gentle silicone bristles remove caked-on dirt and mud.


Promising review: “I have four dogs in NYC. I have to wash their feet after every walk because the streets are so filthy. It would take me about 10 to15 minutes to clean their paws with a spray bottle and towel. Now, it takes about five minutes. And the towel doesn’t end up filthy. The dirt gets caught in the cup. Plus the dogs seem to like it. The silicone bristles must feel good. A huge thumbs-up!” –Sandra

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in three sizes and six colors).


A set of foldable stairs if your dog is always jumping on and off the bed and hurting their delicate hips. This way, they can come join you in bed without all the drama.


Promising review: “I have three dogs, a 10-lb. Havanese, 10-lb. Chihuahua mix, and a 20-lb. French Bulldog. They have three sets of these steps. This is the ONLY type they will use. I bought another type and they refuse to use it they act afraid of it. I think the reason is these have sides to each step and prevent mishaps and stepping off sideways causing a fall. The sides protect their feet and keep them on target going up and down rapidly or in the night getting on and off my bed.” –Lynn C. Overcash

Get it from Amazon for $41.95+ (available in two sizes and two colors).

Our pets can be annoying sometimes, but as long as you have these problem-solving products, you can just focus on how stinkin’ cute they are.


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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