34 Stylish Dresses You’ll Want To Immediately Add To Your Wardrobe

34 Stylish Dresses You’ll Want To Immediately Add To Your Wardrobe

12. A satin wrap dress so stunning, you’ll wonder why you don’t already own this dress for all of your nicest events on your social calendar. 

Writer with her fiancé while wearing a long burgundy satin wrap dress

Same writer dancing in the dress to show movement

Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

I will literally find any excuse to show off some of my engagement shots, and this dress is the perfect reason. I. LOVE. THIS. DRESS. It is so so soft against my skin, which is great for my sensory issues. The burgundy color looked so stunning against my (very) pale skin tone and it would honestly look beautiful on every single person that put it on. This is actually my first wrap dress so it took a bit of time for me to figure out where the little hole was to actually *wrapit around my body, but then I realized why everyone loves these so much! So comfortable and so so stylish! I will say one thing, though. I don’t know if it’s just satin in general, or this particular dress, but I’m a pretty sweaty person, and I did get some sweat stains on my pits which did show through since the dress is so dark. Other than that, ’tis a gorgeous dress. 

Promising review: “This dress made me feel so beautiful for our engagement photos. I never want to take it off. The material is so silky and the color was perfect for fall pictures. Great quality.” —Sarah B.

Get it from Baltic Born for $81 (available in sizes XS–3XL and nine colors).