27 Sex Toys If You’ve Always Wanted To Feel Those Good ~Vibes~ In The Shower Or Tub

27 Sex Toys If You’ve Always Wanted To Feel Those Good ~Vibes~ In The Shower Or Tub

Some people prefer bath bombs and eucalyptus…and some of us prefer sex toys to elevate our me-time. 🛀 Rub a dub dub. 💦

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A versatile clitoral vibrator that’s soft to the touch and waterproof for those of you who like to soak in the tub and discreetly enjoy some rumbles.

Model holding red palm-sized vibrator and sheet

Red and green vibrator in pool float

This external toy has eight vibration modes and a sculpted design for targeted pleasure to bring the thrills.

Promising reviews: “This is my new go-to vibrator! The shape and angular tip makes it easy to hold and stimulate myself while riding a penetrative toy (unlike most of other vibrators I’ve owned) and the rumbly vibrations feel SO good. When this vibrator eventually dies, I know I’ll be back for another.” —Kyler R.

“Powerful, rumbling vibrations, petite, discreet and easy to clean. What’s not to love?” —Esther T.

Get it from We-Vibe for $99 (available in coral and green).

2. An open vibrating sleeve created with premium silicone for a soft and supple sensation and flexible wings that wrap around your shaft, so you can feel each speed and vibration setting at your preferred grip.

Model holding black Pulse Solo Essential sleeve

Hot Octopuss

Promising review: This is a fantastic vibrating male toy. It is very easy to use and gives great sensations. It is very versatile as it can be used wet or dry, with a partner or solo, and it can be used without an erection. 

“For me, it’s my new favorite toy. Since the Pulse can be used with or without lube, I first tried it dry. I found that unit stayed in place so I was able to watch porn and stay at the height of arousal for any length of time. When using it dry and with a slight movement it rubs the frenulum and gently pulls the skin on the shaft, creating a very pleasurable experience for me. Not to mention that the cleanup was very easy. When using it with lube the sensations are much more varied and The Pulse can create a wide array of sensations. It is very easy to hold on to even with lube everywhere. 

“I tested it with a partner, where I was lying on my back with The Pulse on my shaft and had my partner straddle me. She felt the vibrations and was able to enjoy the vibrator for as long as she wanted, all the time I was hard and happy. 

“One nice feature is that you can use The Pulse without an erection. Since the unit wraps around the shaft, you don’t have to insert it like a traditional masturbation sleeve. The crescendo to orgasm is different when I use a vibrating toy. A feeling I hope all penises get to experience. The overall size is very small and the charger uses a simple USB power supply so it is very easy to chart and no bulky charging plugs.” —Jack

Get it from Early to Bed or Amazon for $99.

3. A submersible Satisfyer Pro 2 with over 31,000 5-⭐️ ratings from viewers because of its nondirect clitoral stimulation and 11 pulsating suction intensities.

Reviewer holding suction vibrator next to box

It might just be Amazon’s most beloved sex toy, seriously.

Promising reviews: “Hello ladies of the world! I gotta say this little friend is a real GAME CHANGER. I bought it a week ago, and now I bring it with me every time I shower. I MEAN EVERY DAY. I was not sure it would be as good as I heard but, luckily, I was wrong. It has a good size, is not heavy, and couldn’t be easier to use. The first time I tried it I though… Mmmm, this feels good, but having an orgasm one minute later really changed everything. I cried out of happiness. It’s so hard for me to have an orgasm, and when I do the person that’s with me can consider himself happy because trust me, I usually don’t come. Honestly the best money spent in my entire life. I could have never imagined the joy this toy has brought to my life. I never leave reviews, but this time I had to. My only question is: What are you waiting for? Get yours ASAP!” —Loving Life

“Whoa! I’ve been telling all of my girls about this product. How can you not? I’ve always had to concentrate on ‘getting there’ — not with this bad boy! You can literally be thinking about the dumbest thing, and it still gets you there! While it is waterproof I’ve tried it in the shower and had to stop out of fear of slipping and falling. Maybe I will use it in the tub *shrugs*. This is definitely a product that needs to be celebrated. Many different levels of speeds; if you’re under the blanket not loud at all, but if you don’t have anything muffling the sound your partner will hear you. 😂 Just buy it and thank me later, girlfriend!” —B

Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in three colors).

4. The XO chrome vibe by Le Wand, a unique internal massager designed for dual stimulation with dual motors in the tip and and tapered base to stimulate your prostate, A-, or G-spot. Besides having the reach — this versatile toy is shower-friendly for when you want to get a little wet.

Models touching pink dual stimulation vibrator

Model holding purple dual stimulation vibrator

This vibrator has six intensity levels with 15 vibration modes that rumble through both the tip and base to simultaneously stimulate the clit *andG-spot or *perineumand prostate (or A-spot!). It also has a travel lock for when you want to take it on the go!

Get it from Le Wand for $159.99 (available in three colors).

And definitely peruse this post for more sex toys that’ll reach your G- or P-spot!

5. A hand-sculpted artisan dildo, just perfect for play with several design options including gentle curves, a suction cup base, and a girth to make your eyes roll back.

Entire Avant collection of dildos with water droplets

The pictured dildos and plugs are all part of Blush’s Avant collection, with several representing the colors of a specific Pride flag for their uber-popular Pride collection. Each dildo is a different length and girth, so you literally can’t go wrong. If you want more specifics on why these dildos are so perfect, check out my review on the Purple Rain D2 Avant dildo.

Promising review: “I love sex toys, this one is the newest one in my collection. This brand makes the most soft and sensational sex toys that I’ve ever used. The feel is wonderful to the skin and if you’re looking for something more on the bigger side this is the right one for you. I generally prefer dildos with a more narrow head so if you’re like me you may have a hard time (pun intended) getting this one in but I took on the challenge. I just had to get very lubricated and extra turned on in order to fit this big boy, but in the end I had that feeling of fullness that I was looking for accompanied by the amazing texture from the toy and ended up coming super hard and feeling completely satisfied. Highly recommend for that lonely weekend or with some fun with your partner. :)” —Satisfied customer (on Summer Fling)

Get them from Amazon for $42.29+ (General collection) and $19.56+ (Pride collection).

6. An anal-safe vibrator from Cute Little Fuckers, which has a curved, bulbous tip at the end of the shaft that’s perfect for P- (or G-) spot stimulation. This fantastical design also has flared fins to help keep it from getting lost inside your orifices.

Yellow and purple fantasy vibrators

Model holding yellow vibrator between legs

Cute Little Fuckers

In true Cute Little Fuckers style, this toy is also waterproof and includes a removable bullet vibrator for versatility.

Promising review: “I love this toy. It’s wide enough to make me feel full yet narrow enough that as an anal beginner I need very little warming up to get going with it. The curve at the end hits some really nice places, and the ears make it really easy to hold on to while going, and make it possible to spin the toy inside of me too which I found I really liked. Plus it’s so dang cute! Maybe the cutest CLF in my opinion.” —Fizzle

Get it from Cute Little Fuckers for $74 (available in yellow and purple).

Cute Little Fuckers is a queer-owned small business that features (some very adorable) creature-inspired sex toys, making them less intimidating and more versatile to everyone’s needs.

If you want more toys that aren’t too phallic or realistic, check out this round-up of gender-affirming sex toys and sex toys beloved by LGBTQ+ reviewers!

7. A dual stimulation rose vibrator, affectionately referred to as the “Soul Snatcher” by TikTok. The egg lets you get a little internal action, while its nine-speed tongue petal can stimulate your clit, nipples, and soul (apparently). Plus, you can wear this dual vibe into the tub or shower for some slippery fun!

Reviewer holding red rose dual-stimulating vibrator in bathtub

Red rose vibrator with bulb on one end

Promising review:  “OMG. Don’t have anyone to 👅 you?? NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE. Wow, these toys are getting so advanced it’s amazing. Feels sooo similar to a real tongue. And has a vibrator on the other end so it’s even better. 😂 This made me climax in a way I never have before. 10/10 recommend.” —Mel

Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

8. A palm-sized vibrator boasting a “tongue” with nine vibrations and nine licking motions, meaning it can l-l-l-lick you from your head to your toes, but no really.

Model holding red vibrator to display tongue-like detail

Promising reviews:  “After my first use (shoutout for arriving in the mail charged) I came like NO OTHER! I didn’t know how I was going to feel about the tongue but it reminded me of the best head I’ve received so obviously I was in love. I mean it when I say my first immediate thought was, I will no longer need a man because I have this toy. 😂 So if you wanna ditch your man, woman, person, and whoever else, this toy will keep you satisfied probably better than they can. 12/10″ —TJ

“With the price of this I didn’t expect much…but WOW. I am shocked at how awesome this little gadget is; so awesome in fact I don’t even get two minutes in using before it’s game over for me (in a really good way). It’s easy to use alone or during intercourse for extra intensity (good lordy), waterproof, soft/smooth and easy to clean, charged fast and holds the charge for a shockingly long time. It has more speed/intensity options than I need but having the option to go up is nice. Overall very very happy I stumbled across this little gem.” —Kieley Sue

Get it from Amazon for $35.98+ (available in four colors).

Check out this round-up for more sex toys that simulate oral sex!

9. The sleek Arc G-spot vibrator by Dame designed with a clit-stimulating ridge and curved handle to help you reach bliss.

Wet blue vibrator

Model holding wet red vibrator in tub

This waterproof vibrator has a runtime of 1.5 hours with five intensities and five patterns to keep you buzzing.

Promising reviews: “This is amazing. It hits all the good spots, is comfortable to hold, and I love that the material is soft and flexible. The shape makes it great for external and internal use. I usually use it in the shower, and it’s really great for shower use.” —Emma P.

“This is a great toy to find your G-spot. It works great in the tub, and the charge lasts a long time. If you are used to wands this motor might not be strong enough for you, but it works for me. I LOVE my pom. The Arc is great for the G-spot, but if clitoral orgasms are you thing, I would pick the Pom. I can’t wait to see what the gals at Dame come out with next!!” —Heather S.

Get it from Dame or Amazon for $115 (available in ice and berry).

10. The Poco vibrator by Mystery Vibe, which is ingeniously designed for G-spot stimulation with a flexible body shaped to resemble fingers and dual motors, so you can feel all 16 intensities no matter where it’s placed.

Model holding aqua vibrator near thighs

Wet vibrator on side of bathtub

Mystery Vibe

Promising reviews: “You will not be disappointed! Using Poco is like having an ultra-thick, dual-motor-controlled finger pleasure you, that unlike most human fingers, won’t get tired. It’s pretty perfect.” —Laura

“I had never used a vibrator before, but this thing is amazing!!!! It is really easy to control, really easy to charge and it feels great when holding it. What I like most is the bendable feature. It just makes the experience so much more fun.” —Jess

Get it from Mystery Vibe for $119 (originally $149).

11. A vibrating stroker, which allows all penis-packing pleasure enthusiasts to up the ante on their stroke game with 12 vibration modes to explore and a waterproof design. And like its animal inspo, the Manta Ray, this is one stroker that’s not afraid to get drenched.

Model holding wet teal vibrating stroker

This sleek vibrating stroker is inspired by the appearance and power of an actual manta ray. It boasts six speeds and six vibrating patterns that turn oral sex, masturbation, and couples’ play into a mind-blowing time for anyone with a penis.

Promising review: “I got this toy for my partner for his birthday. He’s bought me lots of toys over the years, and I wanted to gift him his own toy that we can also use together. He enjoys the pleasure it brings, in the bed or in the shower. It’s pretty powerful, has lots of options and settings, and feels good on my clit too (though a bit too strong of vibrations for me). We’ve only used it once together so we still need to experiment a bit more with positions for it to bring us both to climax, but this is a really awesome, high-quality toy so I am hopeful!” —Lilliana

Get it from Amazon for $139.98+ or Fun Factory for $139.99 (available in three colors).

12. A luxury clitoral stimulator equipped with Pleasure Air Technology and an autopilot function to deliver some back-arching cunnilingus without having to bother with pillow talk.

Pink suction vibrator in bath

Model in bathtub holding pink suction vibrator

This new and improved suction vibrator by Womanizer boasts 14 intensity levels, an autopilot function that makes sure things never get too predictable during use, Smart Silence technology to make sure it’s only making noise when touching the body and it’s waterproof. *exhaleSo yeah, just click *add to cart*.

Promising reviews:  “This is my first clitoral toy and it did not disappoint! I achieved orgasm in less than five minutes and it was the best sensation. A bit pricey but definitely worth it!” —Charlotte Martin

“I’ve used knock-off versions of Womanizer’s Pleasure Air technology, seduced by the lower price tag, but nothing compares to the real thing. And PREMIUM 2 is the best of them all. It has more intensity levels than any other toy (14!) and also has this amazing autopilot feature where the toy takes control of how powerful the vibrations are so you can just sit back and relax… brilliant!” —S Müller

Get it from Womanizer or Amazon for $199 (available in 5 colors).

13. A powerful bullet vibrator designed for pin-pointed pleasure — and it’s waterproof in case you feel your best ~good vibes~ in the tub.

Model holding red Tango X bullet vibrator

This powerful miniature boasts eight intensities and seven vibration modes.

Promising review: “Well fuck me if this isn’t an absolute must-have in everyone’s toy box. It’s so strong for a clit vibe that I never want to go back to anything that’s even the slightest bit weaker.” —Nicki Mouse

Get it from We-Vibe or Amazon for $79 (available in cherry red or midnight blue).

14. A compact silicone finger vibrator in case physical touch is your love language and you want to add a little oomph to your play with 10 vibration modes controlled by a single button.

Turquoise, pink and purple finger vibrators displayed at different angles

Promising reviews: “I was looking for something that would work well with partner play, and I hit the jackpot with this little vibe. It’s about the size of an egg, the finger grooves make it so comfortable to hold, and it’s perfect for every position. It doesn’t really explain, so for anyone reading: long press to turn on and off/once it’s on, single press to cycle through settings/once it’s off, two presses to lock and unlock it — it will be locked upon opening! Highly recommend :)” —Crandberry

“OK…this one is incredible. So many uses from nipple stimulation to clit stimulation (during solo or partnered play!!) to giving some vibration to the perineum; me and my partners love this toy. It’s so versatile and strong enough to give a great sensation, while being easy to hold. Also this is a GREAT on-the-go toy as it has a travel mode so it doesn’t accidentally buzz when you don’t want it to.” —Meaghan Booth

Get it from Spectrum Boutique or Amazon for $45.99 (available in three colors).

Spectrum Boutique is a sex-positive retailer run by self-proclaimed “Dildo Duchess” Zoe Ligon to provide customers with curated collections and resources.

15. The Puff compact suction vibrator — it’s beloved by beginners and more experienced ‘bators who enjoy riding the five intensities to climax over and over again. BTW, you should definitely rub-a-dub-dub your clit with this toy in the shower — trust me.

Model holding green suction vibrator above mirror

Model holding pink suction vibrator next to box


It’s me. I am ‘bators. JK, but seriously — I love this toy. And every time I think another one has shown up to take its place, I am reminded by the compact size, easy handling, and very very discreet noise (when pressed against the body)…that this toy is my ride or die. I tell everyone I know, and now I’m telling you. Never used suction? Get the Puff. New to sex toys? Get the Puff. Just want to expand your ever-growing collection? Puff. If you need to know more about this sex toy and why I personally love it, make sure to read my review of why Unbound’s Puff is my favorite sex toy.

Promising reviews:  “Listen. All I can say is…buy this immediately. I fell out of bed the first time I used it, saw god for the first time, and was convinced I broke my 🐈. 10/10! Also hella cute, charges fast, and you can take it in the shower! Perf for beginners <3" —kat

“I’m new to the all of this. My friends literally raved about Puff for a year before I finally decided to get one. I did not know…I could feel like that. It is amazing. It took me some time to fully utilize the suction feature in the Puff, but the vibration itself is *chef’s kiss*. I also used it once during sex with my boyfriend, and phew!!! I don’t even know if I have any words. Great for beginners!” —B.

Get it from Unbound for $48 (available in quartz and mint).

16. The versatile, vibrating Tilt plug by Lora DiCarlo designed to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot or perineum and P-spot simultaneously. This plug also boasts a warming function, which helps to elevate your pleasure.

Purple vibrating plug popping from champagne

Purple vibrating plug angled to display controls

Tilt boasts a contoured design for wearability and dual motors that can be independently controlled to stimulate one or both areas at once.

Promising review: “My first LDC product. Perfect little toy for both solo and partner play regardless of your anatomy. The quick self-warning feature is very comforting, the texture is smooth and silky, and the size is just right to please both newcomers to anal play and the more experienced. Big enough to have staying power and feel full, presenting a little challenge to newbies, but not intimidatingly so. Easily portable/concealable and the travel lock function is super handy. Tested and works great for both G and P spots, can’t wait to use it again!” —Deej

Get it from Lora DiCarlo for $140.

17. The Tulips vibrator by Sweet Vibrations, boasting a unique, waterproof design with its two lips that’ll caress your clit and make sure you feel those vibrations entirely.

Mint green vibrator and box


This tiny toy has 10 vibrations and five intensities for you to explore and a rechargeable battery that will probably outlast you (and if it doesn’t, reviewers swear by their customer service).

Promising reviews: “This little toy is the best! It’s incredibly effective and easy to clean. The battery lasts forever and I love how many different settings it has. No matter what mood I’m in the Tulips always works! Their customer service also rocks! They answer concerns immediately. They have a customer in me for life!” —Adrienne

“I was a bit skeptical at first with this toy — boy was I wrong! In the time since I have owned this toy, it has become my favorite. 10 settings and multiple vibration strengths equal orgasms every time! If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. Sadly, my Tulips died after a few months of ownership. Sweet Vibrations stands by their lifetime guarantee. When I contacted them to replace it, customer service had not one, but two replacements out to me in less than a day. Would buy again!” —missspacecase

Get it from Amazon for $54.99 (available in two colors).

18. A cock ring equipped with a textured vibrating pad to stimulate the clit or balls — it’s whatever pleasure you pick. Go ahead and steam up your day by enjoying a frisky shower with your lover and this waterproof ring.

reviewer holding black and gold cock ring

reviewer displaying textured side of cock ring

The silicone ring stretches to fit a variety of penises (or dildos), and the vibrator has five speeds and patterns for up to 25 varying intensities.

Promising reviews: “This is a great addition to solo or couples’ play. The ring is super stretchy and can fit around any of our toys. Loved when she was on top. She was able to grind on it without having to hold a heavy vibrator. Super quick and easy to clean and charges quickly! It’s pretty quiet considering how intense the vibration can be.” —Howard Martin

“This product charged so quickly it was a shock. As soon as I tried it I fell in love with the strength settings and pulses. It can be used in so many ways and places. It’s waterproof, so I used it while showering and had fun. It’s very versatile and spices things up. Would recommend if curious!” —jeremy veguilla

Get it from Amazon for $36.66.

19. A dual-stimulating vibrator with 10 vibration settings and 11 intensities, not to mention innovative suction technology that stimulates your clit all the way to nirvana.

Black dual-stimulation sex toy next to rose petals


It also has Smart Silence technology, which means it turns itself off when not touching your body. And it includes a secondary suction tip, to make sure you have the perfect fit for a custom (kinda) blended orgasm. 

My colleague Taylor Steele owns this toy and loves it, saying it’s definitely worth the price: “This is the toy that, if it somehow went missing, I’d probably die. I’m. Serious. I love the size and feel of the Duo. Its 12 pressure *andvibration modes leave nothing to be desired…because everything you could want is right here in one luxurious package! And I love that it senses when it’s no longer needed and goes into sleep mode (until I’m ready for more, of course)! Please treat yourself to this toy. It *willmake your life better.”

Promising review: Worth every penny. I have owned of the original Womanizers since 2015 and it worked without fail until recently, so I didn’t have a problem spending the 200 bucks on this one because I knew that the quality would be unmatched. I’m very happy to report though that the Duo outperformed my expectations and I’m looking forward to enjoying it for a few years to come. The Duo is top-notch, however if it doesn’t look like the toy for you, you really can’t go wrong with the Womanizer brand.” —Rachel

Get it from Womanizer for $219 or Amazon for $218.90+ (available in four colors).

20. A transparent masturbator boasting a tight, convex, textured interior that you can twist, stroke, and watch through its case until you’re finished.

Yes, it’s waterproof, so go ahead and play with it in the shower.

Promising review:  It feels fantastic, and it grips really well, and it’s great using it in the shower.” —Emanuel

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in four colors).

21. A vibrating anal plug, featuring graduated beads and 16 vibration modes, so you can feel every little thing as you explore the rear.

Reviewer holding black beaded anal vibrator

Vibrator in box next to removable bullet

Promising reviews: “Feels amazing going in and even better once it’s turned on, the vibrations are enough to hit that special spot and leave you begging for more!” —Anonymous

“If you’re looking for a product to send shockwaves through your body, this is it! This toy will keep you excited and pleasured for hours. Try it with your partner or enjoy it by yourself. You will not be disappointed!” —Jerome Monegan

Get it from Amazon for $20.99.

22. The Pom vibrator by Dame designed to deliver broad or targeted stimulation with its flexible design that fits effortlessly into the palm of your hand. Plus, it’s waterproof, meaning you can enjoy all the good vibes in the bed, bath, and definitely beyond.

Model holding plum vibrator


A waterproof design plus five vibration modes and five intensities make this luxury toy great for bath time or introducing into couples’ play.

Promising reviews: “This really gave me the ‘deathless death.’ I loved the intensity and settings. I loved that I could use it on my clitoris or turn it upside down and use it on my actual vaginal opening for stimulation there. I tried it in the shower, and when I orgasmed with my mouth hanging open under the shower head, I wouldn’t have cared if I drowned or slipped. It was heaven.” —Brittney

“I love the soft, silky texture of this vibrator. It is discreet, effective, and easy to care for. Shower time is much more fun these days! Thank you, Dame!” —Michelle B.

Get it from Dame or from Amazon for $95 (currently only available in plum).

23. A powerful miniature wand vibrator created with supple silicone for a soft-touch feel and 20 functions to take you right to that blissful, blurry edge.

Model holding hot pink miniature wand vibrator

Promising reviews: “I was a newbie when I bought this and didn’t know what to expect. But boy, after the first time I used it, I was hooked. It made my whole body quiver. Ladies, it will seriously blow your mind!” —Alyssa Carpinelli

“I bought it for my husband and me to try out in bed. I didn’t think it would be so powerful to make me squirt within seconds! 🤤 My husband even said his balls are numb from how powerful it is LMAO! 🤣 Literally had to place a pillow over my face from screaming out in pleasure and waking the whole neighborhood LOL.” —Cheyanne

Get it from Amazon for $19.10+ (available in seven colors).

24. The Le Wand Grand bullet vibrator, which takes things up a notch with an extended design for versatility, a powerful combo of 11 vibration modes and four intensities to explore, *anda body-safe metal design that’s perfect for enjoying in the bath, shower, or other aquatic trysts.

Model posing with dark purple bullet vibrator with attached textured sleeve

Model holding rose gold vibrator and matching silicone attachments

Each vibrator also includes two removable textured silicone attachments: one ring and one classic bullet sleeve to help heighten sensations.

The Le Wand Grand bullet vibrator is beginner-friendly, but if you think it might be too much, there’s also the Le Wand Bullet (but just FYI, the Grand is 40% more powerful and bigger). 

The Grand bullet is part of Le Wand’s Chrome collection.

Get it from Le Wand for $104.99 (available in three colors).

Don’t have a bullet? Check out this roundup of the best bullet vibrators!

25. A textured silicone vibrator with 12 vibrating modes and a realistic-inspired design, so you can finally give your favorite spots the attention (and stimulation) they deserve.

Hand holding pink and gold vibrator

Hand holding vibrator from different angle to display texture and buttons

Promising review: “I absolutely love this product. It has become my go-to massager. It’s waterproof and recharges easily and quickly. It makes very little noise for those times when I need to be discrete. It’s also contoured to give me a good grip, whichever way I decide to hold it, perfect for those ‘hard to reach places.’ Oh, and it has some power, real power. Plus it’s very pretty, and it comes in a lovely velvet bag. Treat yourself right and buy it.” —Booklover

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in four colors).

26. A remote-controlled prostate vibrator featuring dual motors and six powerful vibrations to explore that simultaneously stimulate the perineum and prostate (or G-spot) for maximum sensation.

Blue prostate massager in water

Models holding black prostate massager and wireless remote


The remote works from a distance of up to 40 feet and has motion-sensitive technology with eight different settings to tease and tempt during couples’ play. The vibrator boasts a graduated design, so your body can hold it in place during intercourse (if you want to) and it’s also waterproof. *splash*

Promising review: “This massager takes the art of prostate massage to a whole new level. While I have used the Njoy line of manual massagers for some time with excellent results, I have tried a few powered models of massagers of various manufacturers and been unimpressed with the results. Until now that is — Hugo is truly phenomenal! While a bit pricy, it is easily worth every penny. If you enjoy prostate massage, you need one of these!” —Native Son

Get it from Amazon for $152.30+ (available in blue and black).

27. A silky silicone 3-in-1 rabbit vibrator, offering simultaneous stimulation with a G-spot vibrator, classic “bunny ears,” and graduated anal beads — the real question is how long can you last?

Pink triple-stimulating rabbit vibrator on pink scarf

Three speeds and seven powerful vibration modes in the shaft and rabbit ears along with flexible anal beads offer a lot of stimulation whether you like to use your toys alone or with a partner, for foreplay or the entire session.

Promising reviews: “Better battery life than any other products or partners! Packaging is great to store the product afterward! You don’t even have to use the beads all the time, but if you do 🤩! 10/10 product, great size, amazing value for your money.” —Amazon customer

“Hands down this has become my favorite toy! It’s powerful. It hits the spot. It delivers outstanding performance. The shaft and the ears and the beads all provide stimulating vibrations. Highly recommend this one.” —Bylaws73

Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in pink and purple).

Sometimes, you just need some nice, relaxing…me-time.

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