26 Affordable Home Products From Target To Make Your Whole Space Look Less Boring

26 Affordable Home Products From Target To Make Your Whole Space Look Less Boring

These products will turn your ho-humble abode into an Architectural Digest cover story.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A contemporary wall mirror because why stick to the usual rectangular or circular shapes when you can hang one that’s sure to steal the metaphorical show? The black-and-white zigzag border of this geometric centerpiece adds the perfect amount of oomph (and ~all that jazz~) to your bathroom, entryway, or bedroom.


Promising review: “I am in love with this mirror. It works perfectly in our half bath. If you’re on the fence about this mirror, get it! You won’t be disappointed.” —Marie

Price: $45


A rope chair swing, so you can while away the summer with backyard naps; unwine from a long day with a glass of rosé and a good read; or simply (and literally) hang out. Plus, this all-weather, fade-resistant hammock comes with a built-in wooden spreader to prevent any unwanted entanglements.

the black rope chair swing hanging on a balcony



A ceramic candle with a face and earrings because what’s absolutely never boring? A ceramic candle with a face and earrings. Light this baby up to infuse your newly upgraded space with its lemon-verbena scent. Made of palm and paraffin wax, this slow-burning candle can last up to 25 hours. It even adds an extra touch of coziness with a wick that gently crackles as it burns.

Decorative yellow-brown candle with face, ears, and earrings


Promising review: “I am not a candle person at all, but I couldn’t resist the face and earrings on this one and bought it to add an interesting and unique element to my bar cart. The scent is great, too, even though I’m not sure I’ll be using it any time soon. Love it!” —Jaycee

Price: $10


A five-piece comforter set with an eclectic-yet-neutral design to take your boudoir from flavorless to funky. This cotton comforter — that comes with two decorative pillows and two shams — is lightweight enough that you won’t have to switch it out when those hot summer months hit. Cheers to nixing mundane tasks *anddecor in one fell swoop!

the geometric patterned comforter and matching pillows in gray, white and tan


Promising review: “Beyond obsessed with this bedding. Incredibly great material and excellent quality found in the comforter. The colors are absolutely perfect and the ridged accent lines carefully accent the end of the bed. Decorative pillows are sturdy and well crafted. 10/10 stars. Excellent addition to our guest room.” —TuesdaysQueen

Price: $149.99+ (available in sizes full/queen and king/California king)


An inflatable pool so you can rep yourself as the coolest crib on the block (and save mad coins on trips to the water park). Tricked out with a slide, a play center, and a water sprayer, this backyard blow-up paradise will keep your little ones ~and their friends~ entertained all summer long.

Panda-themed inflatable pool play center on gray background


Promising review: “We are going on our second season of using this pool. I bought it last year and deflated it and saved it over the winter. Blew it up this week, and it’s great. It loses a little bit of air overnight, so it just needs a touch-up in the morning. I am amazed! That’s kind of a miracle given where we live; we have lots of thorns and rocks in our yard. The pool is super fun, and the slide is very sturdy. My 6 year-old son has had hours and hours of fun in this pool. Slightly finicky sprinkler connection but nothing that prevents use.” —Ginny

Price: $48


A pig paper towel holder to add a touch of farmhouse flair to your kitchen where, not to brag, you’ve been eating pretty high off the hog lately, so this definitely tracks. It’s made of ceramic and wood and sits on four legs — sturdy and charming? Sold.

Ceramic paper towel holder set on white, tile countertop


Promising review: “It’s the most adorable paper towel holder, ever! He’s perfect on top of my microwave. Love it!” —Sherious

Price: $17.96


A vintage-style wine cellar bottle made from recycled glass because you’re an adult with a real coffee table now, and that dorm-era lava lamp is not the statement piece you think it is.

Frosted cranberry jug set atop distressed wooden table



A battery-operated metal desktop clock that’ll highlight your love of minimalism and show off your sense of adventure — the owner of a numberless time-keeper is a risk-taker if we’ve ever seen one. Respect.

the black industrial clock on a white desk



A ladybug beanbag chair, so your littles can lounge in style, too. Best for kids ages 3 to 9, this comfy cushion is also lightweight — you can easily carry it from the bedroom reading nook to the family room for movie night.

Red-and-black chair set on top of area rug in kid's bedroom


Promising review: “This ladybug beanbag is perfect for my granddaughter as well as grandma! She squealed with delight when she saw it. It’s lightweight but sturdy.” —JaniQ

Price: $65


A Bluetooth-enabled suitcase turntable that’ll give retro realness to any drab space. Plus it’s portable, so you can put it anywhere. Whether you rock out to your parents’ old record collection or connect it to your smartphone’s playlists, this player will keep the jams coming.

Dark gray record player on light gray background


Promising review: “I love this! I didn’t have any issues with the Bluetooth like the other reviewer did. My records play great on it. It’s a great starter player. Great for a gift for someone!”  —Eliza

Price: $69.99


A gold hedgehog tape dispenser because even if your job isn’t all that exciting, at least your office supplies can be.

the white and gold dispenser on a desk


Promising review: “This item is so stinking cute. I work from home all day, and I wanted to have something that makes me smile when I look at it. Come this little hedgehog, and it did its job! It works just fine! Frankly, I am surprised that Scotch would invent something this cute, since I didn’t know they had such a creative department. Scotch, please keep up the good work!” —Bugs

Price: $14.29


A set of Star Wars salt-and-pepper shakers because you don’t have to live in a galaxy far, far away to enjoy well-seasoned food. And yes, we know there’s more to well-seasoned food than a little salt and pepper, but you have to start somewhere, so…

Kylo Ren and Stormtrooper shakers on white background



A flamingo shower curtain to liven up your lavatory — think of these aquatic birds as the grown-up version of the rubber duckie; they’ll make shower time lots of fun.

the multicolored flamingo shower curtain over a clawfoot tub



A mermaid wall art piece that doesn’t require a stolen voice and a sea witch to be an exciting part of your world. And since it’s crafted from driftwood, yours will be one-of-a-kind, as the appearance of each mermaid varies.

Wooden wall art on white background


Promising review: “Love the driftwood mermaid. The colors of the wood are beige, light brown, and gray and go well in my new bathroom. Plus, the mermaid looks very much at home there. Very happy with purchase.” —TheArtist

Price: $54


A lost-and-found for socks that doubles as wall art, so you can playfully display all the socks that have gone astray on wash day. You’ve got to admit, it’s a whole lot more entertaining than just leaving them at the bottom of the laundry basket hoping they get claimed.

Wall sign hanging against wood paneling with one lost, gray sock clipped to it


Promising review: “Love it. Such a cute addition to my remodeled basement laundry room after our basement flooded. Did not experience any problems as others had reviewed with the clothes pins having fallen off in transit or upon trying to actually hang a sock on the sign.” —Judy

Price: $36


A planet Earth wall clock to give your space an out-of-this-world upgrade ~and~ support the employment of people who are legally blind. Your purchase will benefit the Chicago Lighthouse, an organization that services people who are visually impaired, disabled, or veterans. And, appropriately so, this clock is eco-friendly — 30% of it is made out of recycled materials. Win-win-win!

Unnumbered clock with yellow circles to mark time slots on white background



A three-piece llama bathroom set that’ll take your bathroom decor to the next ~llevel.~ Swap out that tired, plastic soap dispenser, cup, and toothbrush holder for a much more eclectic collection of multicolored, glittery, ceramic accessories emblazoned with, well, llamas.

Llama bathroom accessories


Promising review: “These are so cute, especially with all the glitter. I bought these to go with the shower curtain I purchased for my friend.” —BarrieCD

Price: $39.99


A stoneware planter with face detailing because no matter how many times we see it, a potted plant that’s made to look like a person’s hair is ~always~ hilarious. Always.

Several versions of this planter set atop an outdoor garden cart and stucco shelf


Promising review: “Oh my gosh, these are the cutest plant pots ever! Well-made, whimsical, and I got them at a great price on sale. I will buy a few more and give them out as gifts with plants on my next Target run. Love ‘em!” —Partyof8ight

Price: $5.60+ (available in three sizes and six colors/styles)


An avocado accent rug that’ll really guac your world. Put it in front of the kitchen sink, so your feet can feel comfy as you wash dishes. And speaking of washing, this handmade rug is easy to clean — simply wipe with a cloth and done.


A peace sign serving tray to hold all those pre-dinner apps and simultaneously remind any hangry guests to keep calm and feast on.


Promising review: “Absolutely love this tray! Have used it twice in the past two weeks. Large, lightweight, well-made, and separates charcuterie well (especially when separating meats and/or cheeses if you have vegetarian and vegan friends like me). Would definitely recommend!” —Emily

Price: $24.49


A set of four video game-themed throw pillow covers to let everyone know how it really goes down in your house. Come game night (or always, if you choose), simply cover up your blah sofa pillows with these. And if things get a lil’ rowdy mid-play and lead to a few spills, just unzip these covers and toss ’em in the wash. Easy peasy.

Pillow covers say, "Game Over" or "High Score" or show a controller or joystick


Price: $14.99 (originally $23.99)


A canvas print of Boston Terriers taking a bath to put right smack dab in your living room. Why? Because no one will ever expect that — and you live to give what no one ever expects. What’s more, the canvas itself is waterproof and scratch-resistant, and the whole thing comes ready to hang.

Wall art hanging on white wall above decorative side tables in living room


Promising review: “Bought this for my sister’s new house as a gift, and I loved it and she loved it! Score!!” —WoodenMakeup

Price: $34.84+ (originally $40.99+; available in two sizes)


A giant pizza throw blanket because what’s more fun and inviting than enjoying your fave loaded ‘za? Snuggling underneath a replica while streaming the latest series, obvi.

Circular blanket on white background


Price: $29.99 (originally $32.99)


A chandelier of hanging glass vases with crystals for a dynamic ceiling statement piece. Fill each vase with something different to show off your personality — dried flowers, coins, feathers, herbs, more crystals — and let your guests marvel at your collections as they try to figure you out.


Promising review: “Love this item; it is my favorite item in my art studio!” —Alteredbyamber

Price: $63.60


A jungle-themed peel-and-stick wallpaper to perk up plain rooms with a touch of wilderness. It’s like taking a trek through a lush, rainforest landscape without spending hella money to fly across the world. Win-win.

Wallpaper in bedroom behind bed and plant on top of wicker chair being used as a nightstand


Promising review: “This is really beautiful wallpaper! I do recommend having a second person on hand to help. It was challenging navigating around windows and curves, but I got it done and am very pleased with the result! There were many times that I had to pull it back off the wall and reapply, but it maintained its adhesive.” —Allie B

Price: $34

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