21 Things From Walmart That’ll Organize Every Room In Your House

21 Things From Walmart That’ll Organize Every Room In Your House

Stay organized, stay well. Stay well organized.

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A shower caddy so you can somehow turn your shower into a statement piece with its matte black color and geometric shelving. It’s almost like you didn’t plan to have optimal storage for shampoos, conditioners, and the like.

a matte black shower caddy with shower accessories


Promising review: “This caddy is amazing! Its large size and handy shelves make it the perfect fit for our shower. Besides it was half the price of another competitor’s product.” —Debby 

Price: $26.96


A kitchen cart that’ll finally give you the cabinets and pantry of your dreams — assuming you dream of extra storage. Plus, think how convenient it would be to make a meal with every ingredient and tool all within arm’s length.

a wooden kitchen cart with blender and bowl on top and sauces on the side


Promising review: “Love, love, love this kitchen cart. I just got it yesterday and put it together in about an hour with no issues. It was the easiest assembly of anything I have bought. Lots of storage and the top is a very nice quality. The style and color match my kitchen perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.” —Babesthecat

Price: $165


A heavy-duty ventilated shelving unit that’ll turn your garage into the organizational haven it has always wanted to be. And this shelf can hold a 1,000 pounds! So feel free to toss on the tools, old appliances, and your 100-pound bags of feathers or bricks.

a black heavy-duty shelving unit holding heavy items


Promising review: “Love these shelves, have a few of them. Best value for your buck if storing larger/heavier items over smaller/flimsier options. Super study and holding up to even heavy bowling ball storage at least on the bottom shelf with no buckling.” —TF

Price:  $64.68


An under-the-bed storage box because the bed is a treasure trove of storage delights, sorry not sorry, monsters and boogeymen. You weren’t going to let that free real estate run away when you can fit some light boxes to declutter the room, right?

an under the bed storage box containing gift wrapping paper


Promising review: “Just what I expected. Good for storage under the bed. Same material as the smaller sterilite products, so don’t expect something crush proof. The main reason I bought them was to try one out as a ‘litter box’ for my Chihuahua. I cut out one end so she can walk in and lined it with two puppy pads. Now there’s no leaking off the puppy pads onto the floor.” —Chiwow

Price: $10.98


A 12-cube bookcase that may just have a photo in the dictionary under “stylish but functional.” The Mondrian-like shelves speak for themselves and offer something eye-catching. But don’t sleep on the fact that you now have a forever home for books, plants, and anything clogging up the living room.

an espresso twelve-shelf bookcase in a living room


Promising review: “Have already bought the second one. The quality and price are perfect. I put kid’s toys and books in it. And to help my kids to get to every shelf of this bookcase I put it horizontally instead of putting it vertically. Sure I will buy one more.” —Elena 

Price: $89 (available in two colors) 


A closest organizer because this is one of the few times in the universe where adding more means better organization. What are you adding? Nine shelves and three built-storage bins. What are you subtracting? Jumbled clothes, a million hangers, and shoes sprawled out like a garage sale.

a closet organizer holding clothes and shoes


Promising review: “Very sturdy as long as you make sure you assemble properly…worth the price…have purchased two of them so far and would purchase again in the future” —Crystal 

Price: $98


A pair of under-cabinet baskets so your sink can look sleek with everything in their respective areas. NASA will tell you that cabinets can easily become a blackhole of disorganization, but no longer fret when you can keep rags and sponges all in a neat compartment.

a white under cabinet baskets holding bathroom supplies


Promising review: “Very easy to assemble; attractive and sturdy. Used under bathroom and kitchen sinks, and they helped combine items into half the space.” —Donna

Price: $25


A four-tier shoe organizer because you’re so much better than dirty shoe marks on your wall. Instead, opt for a non-intrusive little organizer that you can keep in your hallway when getting ready for work.

a show organizer holding various kinds of shoes on a hardwood floor


Promising review: “Super cute!! Easy to put together and it looks so good that I just ordered two more. They fit perfectly under my closet racks. These are an efficient use of space and stylish too.” —Sparrow 

Price: $43.96


A three-drawer weave tower to add just a tad of style to the mundane organizational lifestyle. Think how good your clothes and towels will look with a faux-wicker tower. Spoiler alert: Very well.

A brown three-drawer weave tower


Promising review: “The drawers are exactly how I pictured them from the description and pictures online. I needed a set of plastic drawers to go under my desk at my office that was a dark colour to match with my furniture for storage. They were exactly what I needed and it shipped faster than I expected.” —Ginny

Price:  $19.78


A seven-drawer storage organizer so you can bring tidiness to every utensil, office supply, and [insert any item here]. The drawers are wide enough to fit misc. items but narrow enough to fit in almost any drawer.

a set of drawer organizers holding kitchen utensils


Promising review: “Finally getting my drawers organized after 15 years in this house! I love that they separate so you can fit all kinds of items” —Dag

Price: $3.98


A five-hook wall mount to give your keys and mail a new place that is far away from the car, pockets, freezer, or in the garbage truck that is now three blocks away from your home. Just mount near your front door, and bam! instant organization and zero morning stress.

a brushed silver five hook mount holding keys and letters


Promising review: “Very well made, very pretty. easy to install. If you don’t want to make holes in the wall like I did get the small command strips, they work wonders just in case you want to change it at a later day they leave no damage on the wall” —Debbie2030

Price: $13.69


A bike hook so you can save a ton of space all by just screwing in a hook to the ceiling beam. Bonus: bike hooks do not mean you must hang bikes exclusively; look to cumbersome tools taking up floor space, too.

a black bike hook holding a bike tire


Promising review: “I was very surprised with how large and strong these are. Very impressed” —Madie

Price: $2.86


A 14-piece magnetic knife block that’ll a) keep your knives organized b) keep them sharp and c) look cool and wow your guests with the power of magnets. Don’t dull your knives by tossing them into a packed drawer when you can stick to a magnetic block.

a fourteen-piece magnetic knife block holding knives and kitchen sheers



A cabinet locker because sometimes it is better to sacrifice a few square inches to a standalone organizer instead of redesigning the entire garage. Simply set up (which is super easy) and store your tools, patio furniture, or anything else that is used seasonally or needs to be protected from the elements.

a gray cabinet in a garage


Promising review: “Easy to assemble. It does take two to assemble. Most parts ‘snap’ together. I like the extra secure bare across each shelf for added strength and prevent warping. Lots of space, the extra Mega height, 80″, gave even more space that would be wasted. The price was great too!” —MedicalSalesRep

Price: $369.99


A set of floating shelves that’ll bring the fancy flair to your home — and they said storage couldn’t be stylish. But, you know what, they say a lot of things. The white wooden frame looks fabulous, and the shelves are long enough to keep your bedroom, or really room, looking its best.

three white floating shelves holding a plant, clock, and orb


Promising review: “Very pleased with these. With more sturdy hardware they hang very securely to the wall. Look great in my bathroom. Arrived in great condition and the white was bright and clean.” —Donna 

Price: $14.99


A set of natural water hyacinth baskets so you can add tropical to the daily quest for storage. Sure, the hyacinth is fancy, but don’t think you can’t add remotes, books, or throw blankets in the mighty basket.

a natural water hyacinth basket holding clean white towels


Promising review: “Using this basket for storage. It is a great size. It is well made and sturdy. It is pretty enough to leave in the open in the corner of a room. I absolutely love the basket.” —dgran88

Price: $19.98+ (available in two packs) 


A toy organizer so your little one (or yourself if you’re one of those cool retro action figure collectors) can stay organized and live the most storage-filled life! The rails are lengthy, meaning you can keep bins of all different sizes in one consolidated place.

a child taking toys out of a toy organizer


Promising review: “Very easy to assemble. Light but durable. I bought two to organize the toys in my daughter’s playroom. I love this product. The only thing I would change is making it a little taller so that there is more room between the bins to make it easier to get to the toys or to take the bins out.” —Nicole

Price: $79.99 


A three-shelf bookcase that’ll keep you organized, and all at half the size of a regular bookcase! The dark oak finish brings the looks while providing amble room for quick, easy storage.

a three shelf bookcase in dark oat storing books and a houseplant


Promising review: “Love the color! Easy assembly! It’s a really great size piece, picture made it seem smaller. It’s nice and sturdy, seems like it’ll last a while. It’s literally the ‘look for less,’ you can’t beat the price. Would definitely recommend!” —AngieV

Price: $79 (available in two colors) 


An album crate so you can hold your prized collections in clean, systematic order. Any cratedigger will tell you the storage struggle is real, so a lovely wooden crate will help (and I can only assume you can store other things in the crate, too).

a wooden crate holding different vinyl albums


Promising review: “It came totally disassembled. The directions were easy to follow the only thing you need is a Phillips screwdriver. The quality is okay considering the cost. There are better units out there but they also cost a lot more money. This one seems to be sturdy and it did all 75 records as advertised. Overall for the money it’s a good solid product.” —Tom

Price: $29+ (available in eight colors) 


A rolling filing cabinet to keep your office looking great, efficient, and organized. There is no need to get the behemoth filing cabinet when you can have one at a reasonably size on wheels and with shelves for additional storage.

a rolling filing cabinet with wooden cabinets and shelves


Promising review: “I am in love with this file cabinet because of the following reasons: 1. It is very sturdy 2. Has a very good finishing 3. I like how there are separate drawers for files and extra drawers. 4. The open shelves are convenient for storing stuff that is used more frequently. 5. The best part is it has wheels and I can move it anywhere, so very easy to clean under.” —Mia

Price: $129.99


A five-piece laundry edit so you can store your detergents, drying pads, and stain pens in case things get a little wild. And I’m putting “laundry” in air quotes because you can store anything, literally!

a set of laundry edits holding soaps, detergents, drying pads, and an iron above the washer


Promising review: “Great value, well made and multi-use. I did not use the entire system for organizing my laundry/cleaning items. I was able to split up the pieces to use in two different areas of the house. Highly recommend!!” —Simone

Price: $24.98

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