15 Star Tweets You Missed Today

15 Star Tweets You Missed Today


Kid Cudi talked about this sweet interaction he had with Adele at a basketball video game:

A great deal of individuals askin what she stated. Ill never ever inform, however it was the sweetest thing anybody might ever state to u from one artist to another u see im melting w happiness. She is the very best! enjoy her https://t.co/ESCK4eVL3L

Twitter: @KidCudi


Timothée Chalamet shared this lovely tweet about Dune lastly being launched:

Dune DUne DUNE dUNE dun3 DuNe DuuuuunE Dyune DYuuuuuuune Dyyyyyuuuunnneeeee Doon Duninator Dern Derndonn dernflerf Dernnnnnnnn DUNNNNE Dune DUUUUNE

Twitter: @RealChalamet


Kendall Jenner was called out by her partner, Devin Booker, for her pumpkin methods:

Twitter: @KendallJenner


Lil Nas X had a super-cute exchange with his bestie, Elmo:

miss out on u too bestie! me and u, ski journey in aspen prior to the year ends! i pledge! https://t.co/g3vxcKwyKt

Twitter: @LilNasX


Mindy Kaling motivated her fans to get a mammogram:

Feeling charming in my yearly mammogram bathrobe! In 2015 a great deal of females missed their annual mammogram, ideally you can make a visit to get examined. It’s so essential. Tag me in your mammogram photo and you KNOW I’m gon na comment.

Twitter: @mindykaling

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