13 Standing Desk Mats For Anyone Who’s Tired Of Having Aching Feet By 5 P.M.

13 Standing Desk Mats For Anyone Who’s Tired Of Having Aching Feet By 5 P.M.

“I’m still standing much better than I ever did.”

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Promising evaluation: “This standing desk flooring mat feels terrific under my feet, much better than any I’ve attempted in shops. I’ve been searching for a very long time to discover one that I believed was comfy and looked great. It does not move and the diagonal edges assist from tripping over it. I’m delighted with this purchase.”– ShopperBee

Get it from Amazon for $4195(readily available in 3 sizes and 13 colors).


An ergonomic desk mat with an integrated roller ball, massage points, and assistance ramps created to keep your muscles engaged.

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Promising evaluation: “How to start? What words to utilize? I can barely discuss the transformation that has actually concerned my world with the arrival and continuous usage of the Genius Mat. I am lured to take it out of its natural environment (my cube) and utilize it while driving however, alas, no, my newly found intelligence quickly blasts back: ‘Fool, worm, you can refrain from doing that! You would be lured to mock the absence of fantastic driving abilities of others on the roadway, infuriating them, triggering them to careen to and fro, taking others into the guardrail, or even worse. No, you need to limit the Genius Mat’s variety to the boundaries of your cube. Use this extraordinary power to wow your customers and colleagues. Do so with humbleness for anybody can so benefit from this present simply by buying a Genius Mat for themselves. You are not almost so brilliant as you presently picture.’ And with this restorative action, I have actually rather taken a deep breath and published this evaluation for the advantage of all. Please, show me the widening of horizons and the clarifying of truth that simultaneously shows up with putting a Genius Mat under your feet. I leave you, my good friends, to ponder your next relocation.”– George Emerson, author, Murphy’s Law: The Ebb and the Flood

Get it from Amazon for $5997


A standing desk mat including 3/4 inches of nonslip memory foam cushioning to keep your feet from hurting by 5 p.m.

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Promising evaluation: “This standing desk flooring mat was woven by angels, shaped by the reanimated remains of Michelangelo, and sealed with Superman’s laser vision. When I stood upon it, my feet no longer felt connected to my body. My physical kind brought no weight. There was the feeling of drifting, my body easily held upright by the essence of time and area. My awareness travelled into a much deeper level of significance. Like a new bird of deep space, I spread my wings and evaluated the limitations of my transcendence. Great mat. Extremely comfy. Well worth the cash.”– JOE K

Get it from Amazon for $3799 (readily available in 3 sizes and 9 colors).


A sustainably made FluidStance balance board with a 360- degree tilt so you can burn some cals while getting work done throughout the day.


Promising evaluation: “I stumbled upon this balance board and was reluctant to buy it due to the fact that of the cost, however after doing some research study, I chose to go all out and WOWWWOWOOWOW I’m so happy I did! This board is fantastic therefore much enjoyable to utilize! It keeps my core and lower body muscles continuously engaged without much effort. I have the ability to rock backward and forward, side to side, twist around, and extend my back (while keeping desk) with ease. I even like twisting around while on my tippy-toes! It is relatively simple to stabilize on and offers you a lot fluidity with every motion. I am addicted to utilizing it and have actually discovered that I feel more stimulated and focused while I’m on it; I do not get as exhausted around 1– 2 p.m. as I utilized to from taking a seat throughout the day. I feel it has actually likewise been useful in minimizing my pain in the back and my back does not feel as aching at the end of the day.”– Patty_Cakes

Get it from Amazon for $159(offered in 4 colors).


A Topo standing desk mat that guarantees to leave you feeling stimulated and efficient, even after basing on it for 8 hours.

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Promising evaluation: “I WORSHIP THIS TOPO STANDING DESK MAT. I purchased a desk riser for a stand-only desk at my cabinet … and my back was DEAD after a week. Did a LOT of research study about mats to base on because, with the rates, I wished to make the best financial investment. This Topo standing desk mat returned jumps and bounds above all in evaluations and still has a competitive rate … and I swear I ‘d pay double. It massages, engages, alleviates discomfort and pressure, and enables me to invest eight-plus hours on my feet in a fixed location. EXTRAORDINARY. Quality boggles the mind.”– Elizabeth

Get it from Amazon for $99

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Promising evaluation: “Have you seen that Rick and Morty episode from season 3, ‘Morty’s Mindblowers’? You understand that clip where Rick develops a square that’s completely level, and after Morty stands in it, absolutely nothing else is ever sufficient once again? That’s generally how I feel about my mini Topo standing desk mat. It showed up on a Thursday afternoon, I pulled it out, set it up under my standing desk, and had the very best work afternoon of my life. I could not wait to come back Friday early morning and base on my Topo Mini, sending e-mails to customers like a business zombie who can no longer be troubled with consuming brains, and simply wishes to stand in one location rather, savoring the magic of the Topo Mini. Seriously, it’s excellent. The various angles and shapes are good, I like being encouraged to move a bit, and the cushion it offers is absolutely assisting make my shift to a mainly standing desk way of life go a lot much better. I was a little anxious it ‘d be too little, as it states 5’ 4″ and listed below, and I’m best at the top of that, however nope, it’s roomy and I do not feel at all confined. Definitely, completely, totally suggest buying this if you’re considering it.”– Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $69(offered in 2 colors).

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Promising evaluation: “If you’re considering purchasing this standing desk flooring mat however aren’t sure, hearken my words: your back will thank you. I have a great deal of stress in my upper back, neck, and shoulders. Even 10–20 minutes standing in a single area has an influence on me. It’s incredible just how much a little cushion under your feet can assist with recurring jobs.”– Jess A.

Get it from Amazon for $2999(readily available in 2 colors).

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Promising evaluation: “This is the best standing desk flooring mat for those who operate at a standing desk or simply stand a lot. The Fezibo’s diverse ‘surface’ in some way makes my feet starving for motion and I discover myself doing something brand-new with my feet (and body) every couple of seconds. And if you simply require to base on the mat, its density appears best; it saved my knees from my business’s tough laminate-on-cement floorings. I’m 5’10” and 180 pounds and this mat reveals no indications that it will not support me for a long period of time to come.”– Garret

Get it from Amazon for $6499 (offered in 2 sizes and 3 colors).


A stain-resistant gel mat offered in 4 sizes and 26 design and colors to stylishly loop your work space.

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Promising evaluation: “I enjoy this anti-fatigue mat! Bought it practically 2 years earlier and it still looks much like the day I purchased it. Still extremely comfy and I have actually had no issues at all with the corners rolling up. This anti-fatigue mat has actually held up so well I’m going to purchase another one!”– Jill P.

Get it from Amazon for $2399 (readily available in 4 sizes and 27 design and colors).

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Promising evaluation: “I got mine for my stand-up desk in your home and it’s wonderful. I discovered myself not wishing to stand long on my wood floorings so it was sort of beating the function of having the desk, however now it’s far more comfy to mean a while. Since I have hardwood floorings, I can move the mat under my desk and still sit at my chair, then move it out when I stand. My feet sink into it possibly a 1/8″ and it’s somewhat bouncy so I can move my weight in between feet and I can represent a lot longer at my desk now. I likewise do not see it slipping or anything when I leave it and return to it. Spick-and-span and has a terrific style. Extremely advise it.”– mikev

Get it from Amazon for $3899 (readily available in 4 sizes and 3 colors).


A FlexiSpot mat with massage points and mounds to promote healthy flow.


Promising evaluation: “I initially avoided acquiring an anti-fatigue mat since it was an additional cost. My physician advised me to get one if I was going to be standing a lot. I might inform a big distinction after one day! It’s light-weight, so simple to run out of the method when transitioning to sitting. I likewise utilize it under my stability ball and it assists keep it in location while including additional height. I’m extremely happy I made this financial investment in my total health.”– Amanda K.

Get it from FlexiSpot for $5799


An ergonomic Ninja mat boasting 3 layers of thick, stain-resistant product and extra-durable support that you’ll wish to bring with you all over you go.

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Promising evaluation: “This is an excellent mat. I utilized to return discomfort while standing. This mat has actually altered that. It is truly thick and feels excellent. I have had it for simply over a month and it still looks brand name brand-new. It is likewise extremely simple to tidy– simply clean it with a moist fabric.”– Tammy B.

Get it from Amazon for $3999


And a splurge-worthy Muvmat by aeris mat developed to imitate the sensation of strolling through a forest by promoting your feet with “peaks and valleys” concealed underneath its surface area.


Promising evaluation: “I purchased this standing desk flooring mat after having back surgical treatment. I believed $150 was a bit much for a standing mat however it was so unlike anything I ‘d seen prior to that I chose to attempt it out and I’m SO pleased that I did. I had a great deal of foot pins and needles and muscle stress with my injury and having the ability to push my foot into various areas of the mat actually assisted relieve the stress I felt. Because of my injury, I can just sit for possibly 20 minutes at a time or less, so this mat has actually been vital for me! When I’m basing on it I’ve never ever had problems with it moving around, however I am still able to press it out of the method with my foot when I wish to take a seat.”– Mary

Get it from Fully for $149

You, to your brand-new standing desk mat:

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